Monday, May 17, 2010

If only.

If only,

Somebody could help me with NCG registrations.

Somebody could take off some AIESEC rocks off my back.

Somebody could sit Macro 2 test for me.

Somebody could study QA on behalf of me.

Somebody could take charge of OB portfolio and presentation for my group.

Somebody could sleep for me.

Somebody could sit for the finals for me.

Then.. I would have more time for myself, to do the things that I like. eg. sit down and do nth.

I'm so messed up atm. I really realy really need to learn to relax.

What's the worst that could happen Jo? :) Just smile and things will be fine.

Thank you love for giving me the strength to move on.


Desperately need to learn how to manage time + stress.

Ish ish ish. I get jealous when i see people lying around in front of the state library sun bathing + doing nothing.

Where do they get all these free time? Transfer them to me! :(

Happie Burfday my darling bro bro!
Love you as alwayss :)
I miss celebrating ur bday with you!
Really hope to see you soon :(
And thanks for the greenlight ^-^


Sunday, May 9, 2010

For your own eyes only

Hello peeps!
Because you read my blog, you have the privilege to know who's that lucky guy!

.There you go.

World's noob-iest Noob :)