Friday, July 31, 2009


Today felt like a really long day.
Lots n lots n lots n lots of things happened.

1. I manage to get my return ticket to Melbourne from KL on the date i wanted!
2. Mum's planning a trip to Japan!! ^^
3. JR ate the whole my-sister-baked-brownies and was rushed to the vet.. :(
4. Hang out with Samuel today!
5. Met the very good looking guy from bowling n talked a lil! :)
6. Went to Freedom to look for Sam n dot dot dot!!! XD

Good things definitely outweighed the bad things..
Therefore I am flying sky high today! Weeeeeeee~XD

Welcome back Mr Wong! :)


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Its so funny when u bring people that eat only pizzas n pastas n subways in their whole entire life to a msian restaurant!
Its especially funny to see their traumatic expressions on their faces when u mention the word "nasi lemak"!
N its even funnier when u have an Australian fren encouraging the others to try msian food!

Anthony. Andre. Me. Jon

One thing for sure that u'll definitely laugh ur heads off is that..
Somebody that does not know how to use chopsticks teaches the other how to use a pair of chopsticks!

How cud so much comedy happen in one day?! >.<

Proud to be Malaysian. <3


Monday, July 27, 2009

A day i wish nvr ended.

Sat: 25th July 2009

Dear diary,

Today was definitely a blast!
Everything fell into place so perfectly.
I really wished this day never ever ended!
Because good things were rolling down like a snow ball~

I went for bowling with 63 other people from the Foundation Studies Mentoring Program (FSMP) tat morning.
Just when i was deciding whether to go or not, i still went after all n definitely did not regret it at all! =)
Met lots of wonderful people! Kind and friendly people! XD
I had a really fun bunch of lane buddies and I reckon we were most probably the noisiest group in there! =)

Our hands! =)

Thanks Jade for making this happen!
If it werent because of him tat got me in, I wudnt have had so much fun today! =)

After bowling a few of us went for food hunting!
But I had to "fast" because I was meeting my darling eilene for dinner!
So so I cud oni watch them eat!
But good berbonding times pass really fast! :(


Met up with Eilene in the train station tat evening!
Had Boost juice n chilled outside the state library!
I spilled beans! Lots n lots of beans!
But i nvr regretted it because she made me feel better in a way! Thx darling! =)

Thumbs down for clear soup! *being sarcastic*

Had sze chuan steamboat for dinner that night with loong n jia shen.
I think i almost vomited!
It was a good dinner tho! Apart from all the sweating n sniffing n sobbing!
I cant imagine we are malaysians! This spicy ma la sup totally knocked 4 of us out! =.=
But good experience maa! XD

Thumbs up for 麻辣! *sarcasm*


After dinner came home to skype with Nene all the way from ipoh! =)
Ahhh emoness but I really wished we cud talked longer! T.T
The line broked after a while n i cudnt even take a good picture~ Sobss. T.T

I miss my grandparents!

Then skyped with Henri Tan oso!
Very random but this guy never fail to make me smile~~ =D
Thank kew Henri Tan! XD

Dear diary,

If everyday is gonna turn out like this day..
I will definitely be the happiest gurl on earth!

Its hard to get u out of my mind.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Big Hugss.

I know u will see this..
Today was hard a hard day for u definitely.
Please remember u still have us with u in this battle!
U must take care of urself n stay strong ok!
I wanna see the happie cheerful you again!
It takes time but I know you can!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1st day.

1st day of uni today!
A lil different from the 1st day last sem!
I didnt have the urge to get to know more people anymore..
Which i probably a bad sign.. >.<

Generally today was a great kick start for the sem!
AND i had my 1st commercial law lecture today!
We will definitely have a BLAST in this sub this sem!
Honestly, it aint as bad as I imagined. :)

Met up Claud for lunch!
Unfortunately we dont have any lectures together this sem.
But have no fear! We can still bond by having lunch together! :)

BTW. Today is one of my G11's bro's big day!
I still hvnt officially wished him yet and he is probably kinda mad at me now! :)
Are u Henri Tan?! XD

hApPiE bUrfdAy Henri Tan Kok Yan!!!
Hope u are having a blasting day! :)

U were there for me during the times I needed ears.
U would call me at any random day when I least expect.
U usually update me about anything under the sun every now and then.
U are the one that will hint me when things are cracking and falling apart.
U are always the chillax one whenever the whole world is in a mess.
U are the sporting one and hang around with others and tat is wad makes u so special!
I feel calm around you and I can possibly tell u everything under the moon!
I appreciate u as a brother Henri Tan!
That will NEVER change! N our bonds together with the gang will always hang on!
I miss u brother! :)
Do take care okay!
I cant wait to see u soooon!

I feel for u, Post it notes.


Monday, July 20, 2009

A walk to remember.

"Love is patient, Love is kind.
It does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails."
- 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

The book is definitely better than the movie!
U cant afford to miss this! :)
Good night. ;)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happiness. =)

Met up with one of my long lost girl fren- sOo LinG cHi today!
We've been frens for 7 years n counting! Whooshh! XD
Technically today was a great day out~ =)
Its one of those days where u can throw everything aside and just be the old you for a day!
Loves. <3

In the photo sticker booth a.k.a 大头贴!
U'll get a fine of AUD 100 if they catch u using ur own camera!
BUT noe-ing msians, we ignore those signs and get away with it! lol lol lol. =)

But we paid for the booth okayss!
where got so kedekut! =)

We met up with my sis, ron n loong for Harry Potter in the evening!
Yaysss! And as promised, i got my ice cream this time!
Banana Choc Top! Yumsss!
Very expensive tho! n its one of those where u have to buy a movie ticket to get into that area to buy the ice cream..
Heart broken..
Sis n me n our ice cream tat comes in plastic bags! Cute! =)

HP was good i must say!
n no i din fall asleep this time like i did for Transformers! HAHA. oOps.
All in all..
More of these days will definitely make my upcoming 4 months pass really fast! =)
Mwakzzz. =X

p/s: uh oh. i'm coming up with a sore throat. oh no oh no oh no oh no. y now? >"<



Friday, July 17, 2009

No reasons.

Thank you all for the kindness and the time taken to read my previous 'essay-like' blog.
I know i seldom blog tat way n usually its a very emo-fied post.
But thank you thank you thank you every single one of u for emailing, msn-ing, skyping n leaving blog comments to talk me out of things.
I'm fine now with just a couple of things hogging my tiny-beany mind.
At least i've got out of the verge of exploding!

On the up up up side, i'm very happie with the Longchamp bag mum bought me b4 she left.
I rmb having tat debate with her that morning abt branded bags and hell, i think we almost fought in that cafe!
But anyhow, I m very much happie with it besides the fact that i love the WHITE but its the magnet of DIRT n STAINS. hmmm.
Thxx mummy! =)

On the other hand, I was on my way to dinner ytd and my sis checked the mail box!
N then I caught a glimpse of a bottle in the mailbox and i was thinking "which drunk freak threw his alcohol bottle in our letterbox?"
LOL. Took a closer look and it was for me!!
It was rolls n rolls of letters from my darling bro bro!!
So so so so so effing happieeeee! U really really made my day bro!=)
I love yaaaa! XD

Also yesterday nite itself i went to yum cha with Gigi after dinner!
I hvnt been out so late for such a long long long time!
Ahhh i love our bonding sessions! =))
So many days of sleeping late training actually came into use!
I came home abt 4am n I wasnt sleeeeeeepyyy!
I call tat insomia i guess!

OH n n n n I've finally told mum tat "Slow and steady wins the race!"
I've decided to take only 4 subjects next sem..
N also let go the job opportunities and put all my heads into books!
Listen up readers! please be my witness!
"I will not continue to take up Juris Doctor-Law after my degree IF i dont get a DISTINCTION for my COMMERCIAL LAW next sem!"
*pheww its taking me a lot of courage to write this down.. breathes..*

kayss.. Overall I enjoyed every single bit of ytd!
I guess tat sums up the frustrations of my previous blog!
Thank God for walking me through those hard times..
I am reading A Walk to Remember noww!
Thx nat for the intro!! I love the book! =))

Happieee Burfdayy F.B.I.L!! =)
Ehhh Its ur bd man!
Get a life! Instead of Dota-ing in front of me now!
Anyhoww, Thxx for everything!=)

Tatas readers! XD Heart u!

one day when i stop writing lil notes like these, plz congratulate me because it will mean tat i've learnt to let things go.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So many things.

I have so many things running tru my mind. And I have to admit that i hv been very very very emotional lately. The feeeling of joy and sorrow crashing together is definitely NOT sth u would wanna go tru. Frankly, i am suppose to be overjoyed now as if i've gotten a TER 99.9 for year 12 or straight A's for SPM. BUT no. i am not. Who gets 4 high distictions out of 4 subjects for her semester and feels sad as tho she has just lost her favourite pet! Tat's ME. Wad else cud u ask for joanne lee? I'm seriously not trying to brag abt the 4 HDs i've achieved. I am just feeling lost because many many things happened after that.

Have u ever felt sad because the people u care for is feeling torn and tatter and going tru awful hell situations? U try and try and try to mend things back together for that someone but it doesnt work at all? Wad will u do and how will u feel?! And then another friendship thing starts jamming ur head and u blame urself for this cold stony relationship that turned out this way. not long after that u found that a friendship conflict comes into ur way all over again and u waste ur tears and emotions for the wrong things in life and for the people that is making ur life so hard. but u just cant care less because tat certain somebody is ur fren after all. and then comes homesick again. your mum leaves u and u are feeling emo because u miss her presence. Home is 4 months away but u cant imagine how 4 months is gonna pass. Ur uni starts in 5 days time and u are totally unprepared for it. You still cant decide whether to work or take up another subject as ur mum wished. when all these come together, WAD ARE U TO DO? I dont give a damn for wad i'm blogging right now n just so u know i am very pissed n lost n confused and i cant care more for how you feel! urgh I nit to yell i nit ice cream i nit friendship hugs.

On the up side, I am thankful to have friends that listen to me. I may be childish and wat-so-ever. but thank kew for putting up with me, Adele, Lyn and Samuel. =>

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm not that girl

Mum n I went to Regent Theatre to watch Wicked Broadway on wed night.

Wicked tells the story b4 Alice in the Wonderland.

It tells the story of Wizard of Oz!

It was a really great show! N the songs were fantastic!! =))

I love this song!! =))

Listen okiii! XD

Hands touch, eyes meet

Sudden silence, sudden heat

Hearts leap in a giddy whirl

He could be that boy

But I'm not that girl:

Don't dream too far

Don't lose sight of who you are

Don't remember that rush of joy

He could be that boy

I'm not that girl

Ev'ry so often we long to steal

To the land of what-might-have-been

But that doesn't soften the ache we feel

When reality sets back in

Blithe smile, lithe limb

She who's winsome, she wins him

Gold hair with a gentle curl

That's the girl he chose

And Heaven knows

I'm not that girl

Don't wish, don't start

Wishing only wounds the heart

I wasn't born for the rose and the pearl

There's a girl I know

He loves her so

I'm not that girl

I'm worried. Do u hear me?


Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Return.

I've been so ignorant to the things around me,
N annoyed by all the happenings,
N easily irritated by little little things.
I feel like I am back to the old me that i've been trying really hard to change.
N this seriously sucks.

The words they say have hidden thorns.
The things they do bleed one's heart.
The way they act is hard to bear.

I cannot be wearing a mask walking around.
I cannot be who I dont wanna be.
but for the position I am in now, I have to fake it through my way.

Welcome back, the old me.

BTW, the wait is over!
Here's us with a missing u.
p/s: Ohh n I have to start to learn to accept the fact that when u have long hair, it still looks the same AFTER a 55 dollar hair cut! Heartache leh! >.<

Mum suggested that I shud accelerate my course and do 5 subs instead of 4.
I'm thinking really hard abt this.
Can I cope? Is this wise?
I'm all confused now.
Y am I thinking twice abt 5 subjects when we had 11 subjects in SPM n it wasnt even an issue?
Yes? No?

Don't wish, don't start

Wishing only wounds the heart.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

The wait.

Here I am.. Waiting for that moment to come..
Sitting by the sofa blogging while watching the clock ticks n tocks..
Mum's finally arriving this midnight! =)
I dunno how I'm feeling now.. Immuned to all the ups and downs perhaps.. >.<

Anyhoww, I've got a hair cut..
To be honest, there isnt much difference after i blow my hair and all..
The weather in Melbourne has gone a lil haywire..
Which gives me another excuse for not making my hair look nice everyday b4 i step out of the house.. =)
Me me me. =)

On the other hand... I've officially survived in Melbourne longer than the days I have left till I finally get home!
Time will fly i know.. =)

a GREAT BIG c0nGrAtUlAti0nS to my Bro - Lim s0o yEe for obtaining high scores for her degreee!
I'm so happie for u my dear.. <3
Hard work definitely paid off! =))
I wanna be like u toooooo! XD

kk sowie dear readers..
I've gotta admit that I dunno wad got into me today..
I'm blogging in a very moody mood if u notice..
My heart feels really confused n annoyed for God-knows-wad reason..
Please hang in there with me..

are u made of ice?


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Unexpected.

My walking courier- Ron Yap is finally back! =)
Everything is suppose to seem more "colourful" n noisy now apparently.
Have been looking forward to him coming back here all these while!
Not because of him! but its wad in his luggage! HAHA. *ouch ouch kidding!*
Thank keww FBIL! XD

Look closer! Do u spot an envelope with my big name written on it?! =)

The Unexpected #1:
A letter inside that stack of coloured papers!
Guess who?!
Definitely my very thoughtful childhood friend that is walking me through everyday over here. =) - Adele Wong. XD

The Unexpected #2:
Then then today I came home n saw a postcard for me! =)
Ahhh who could it be?!
9 Danish krone? A post card from Denmark!
Must be my beloved bro bro tat was traveling around germany!
N the familiar long lost hand writings!!
Its definitely my bro bro that I'm misssing so much!~~~~

Seee wad I mean by I am blessed with good friends! =)
I seriously love my girlfriends! <3
Thank youuuuuuuuuu very much darlings! I miss eu girls!

On a side note..
I FINALLY got time to meet up with this long lost brother bear of mine!
OMG lahh. Feels like just yesterday I saw him!
Time flies man!!
In no time we will be back in msia again!
So hang in there darlings! WE WILL BE BACK! =)

May ur lucky charms b with u. hugss.