Saturday, June 27, 2009


Suddenly realized that i've been standing on foreign land all these while,
n breathing air that smells nothing like home.
But the taste of this foreign country isn't that bad either.
N everything holds up when u get to stay in a home of ur own.
I'm definitely the luckiest person on earth.
Am i too blunt to actually just realize this?
Hopefully not. I learnt this tru the hard way. >.<

Yours truly n her "turkey". =)

Yet a great nite out. =)

Distance. Distant. Faith. Fade.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Of soft drinks n Coca-colaaa. =)

Oh look who's in the house!
Claudyaaa Tan! =)
Happpieee 21st Burfdaaayyy girl~~~ XD

Gigi n I went to DFO to grab my white boots ytd n headed straight to the city to meet up with Claudya~ =) THE burfday girl~!
We planned to catch Transformers in the Cinema! *my 1st time*
Hehehe. Trust meee. i think i totally lost touch with watching movies in the cinema~
coz i was apparently watching a thumbs-up movie- TRANSFORMER but but I was falling asleeeep!
Must be the lighting! Dont kill meeee fans of transformer! =)
Movie tix here are made of "receipt" material paper! O.O

Anywayzzz. Its my 1st time watching movie in Aussiee!
Whoaaaa. The cinema was superbly BIGGG.
Twice the size of our BIG cinema in GSC. =)

Overall my 1st experience in Hoyts was good!
Apart from not getting caramel popcorns here.. =(
But I'm not a very big fan of it.. So it doesnt really affect me! XD
Rmb how I used to enjoy sneaking Mcd choc sundae into the cinema back home?!
Apparently we can OPENLY bring food in here! =)

Definitely wanna pay another visit to Hoyts again..
Next time along with my chocolate sundae!
Weeeeeeeeeeeee! XD

Ohh A side note for Looong's fellow brothers n sistas~
He has arrived melbourne safely. =)

I nit to drink.. Tonite shall be it. =)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thank-Full. =)

Ytd was a fulfilling day! =)
Gigi n I went for an International Student Discussion thingy n contributed SOME ideas just to get two free movie passes to Hoyts! weeeeeeeee! =)
Ada Udang di Sebelah Batu! ngek ngek ngek. Typical Malaysians! XD
Newayzz. I am glad! 2 free movie passes, met a few new peoplee, killed time n a FULLL-filling dinner!!=)

Gigi's bro n bf coooked dinner! =)
Bak Kut Teh!! XD Weeeeeeee! Thx for the dinner!!
It was really gooood! XD Can beat KL bkt! Hehehee.
I had a great timee eating n laughing at our driving experience!! =)

THEN guess WAD we had for dessert!!
Hahahahaa. OMGnesss.
This is NOT real durian! This is FROZEN durian from the Supermarket!
BUT it taste as good! HAHA. =D
The smell doesnt come until the second ur teeth land of the durian!
Which is probably a good thing! otherwise u'll get all the ang moh neighbours knocking on ur door! lol.

*Piggieee.. Get tissue wipe saliva! Dont spoil ur keyboard! HAHA..*

After tat gigi ng hui gi stayed over my place! =)
N we went window shopping at DFO today to kill my emo-nesssss.
Sighh My mum might not come over this hols. I'm all so emo when i got tat news.
But thxx Gi for cheering me up n chilling with me!=)
I cant wait for tmr n the day after! XD

Wait up for me! ^^

N i must say I am super super super thankful to have Adele Wong Li-Peng in my life! =)
She is such a superb! N definitely a blessing!
N yesss. I definitely feel so super privileged! ^0^
I heart u girl!

N n n thankful toooo to have readers like YOU to read my filled-with-crapness posts! =)
I seriously dunno wad am I going to be like w/o blogging!
hehehee. Thank youuu all~~ <3

Hmmm I am super hyper at this very moment! Mr chow not looking for me today! I've been such a pig for the past few dayss. Urghh. Do ppl get tired of sleeping? I wonder.

Oh noooo. not another oneeeeee!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Got the news that dad will defer his air ticket to nov this morning.
Heart shattered to pieces.
All those things I looked forward to shall now be of empty hopes.
If u ask me wad do I hate most now, I'll say blardy H1N1.
Anyhow, life moves on.
There is still a strand of hope. Just a tiny willy chance of MAS rejecting his deferment.
I'll see mum anyway. =)
For now, Mr Chow is finally calling me. Good night readers. XD

I like this feeling. N i wanna keep this. I dont wanna ruin things. I shall keep this deep down unless mentioned 1st.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Dear Daddy.

Its the 3rd Sunday of the month of June! Which means its Fathers' Day!
Happieeee Papa's Day to all Daddys! =)

Dear dad,
Its really hard to say this right in your face,
But but but..
I love you for who u are. *blush*
N thank you for everything. ^^
Every little thing you do for us tat seems so invisible.
Its the reputation you are trying to keep.
Thank you for wearing this shirt to the family lunch today.
Thank you Thank you n Thank you dad.
Thank you for making me feel that u r proud to b our father. =)

I cant wait till my parents finally come. I am already thinking abt Fifteen, Kobe Jones and Flower Drum! *slurps* N of coz the fun we are going to hv in Mt. Buller! =) Just 2 more weeks, I gotta hang in there. Its been 2 days n I must feel thankful to be here. I must stand strong. <3
Sigh. Its been 2 days since i've been going to sleep only when the sun rises.
I cant be having insomia. I cant be.
If only we didn't have to sleep.
24 hours a day will be just about right for human beings. =)

p/s: What do you think about my new blog layout? XD Let me know. =)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Post Exam Feeling.

Frankly. I feel really feelingless atm.
EXAMS OVER! so wad? rot?
Damn H1N1 damn Swine Flu damn it damn it.

I'm sure a lot of u heard how i randomly clicked around air asia's website and found really good buys for TOMORROW night to go home. T.T
BUT then again, blame H1N1! =(
Flashes of old town! ipoh! people! frens! EVERYTHING. even LCCT came into my mind.
Suddenly miss home so much at this very moment n really emo-fied coz a lot of people r returning home. =<

But then again. I know i nit to get a life!
I nit to create a life here. I nit to get sth out of it!
I cant be holding back just because I'm not moving on. T.T

Sighh. this is supposed to be a happie post!
Its after exams JOANNE LEE!
AFTER! Enough of emo-ness n back to happienesss! =)

Exam retarded-ness.

Have a look at happie food!
Apple Crumble.
Thank kew adele wong for the idea! HAHA.

Hanging out today after MY last paper. =)
2 more to go for Samuel~ lalala.

Yupss so its after exams! I have a big long thank kew list. =)
Bro bro for being my walking alarm clock!
Adele wong for constantly checking on me!
Darlings for pumping oil for me!
Samuel for studying n taking trams with me!
Gigi for driving me to MSAC!
Claudya tan for studying with us!
Jon Andre Jade Jeanne Gigi Evelyn Samuel Nic Alia Amali John for chilling with me b4 exams!
And facebookers for writing on my wall! =)

Thank Q for walking me tru this exam period.
Things will nvr be the same w/o u guys! <3


Sunday, June 14, 2009

of dinner n dessert.

4 hours of studying.


3 hours of foood n chillax.

A game of chess.

N stacks of FREE pancakes.
*An after exam treat for gigi! I jealous!*

Tell me how to pass exams liddat?

BTW today was a good day despite the unproductive studying. @.@
I really hv no freaking idea wad took me so long to finish one topic of stats. >.<
But but i enjoyed my day. =]
A whole day of bombing people and talking abt disgusting people.
I feel like myself today. XD
N i'm offficially in love with the feeling of being full. >.<

OH n guess who i met in Pancake Palour?!
My leng lui. =>

有谁会在乎 有谁会想念
有谁能 看穿我的笑脸


Saturday, June 13, 2009

2 down 2 to go.

Macroeconomics down! =]
Lolxx. One subject that I fear~XD
But overall shud be okay guaa. >.<

Me. Gigi. Jade outside the hall!

Thx gigi for the ride to MSAC. =]
Feels good to b sitting in a car on a really cold weather! XD

Let the semangat flow peeps!
Ganbate! XD


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

4 months. 1st day.

Woooo another month passed. Month number 4 is finally here!=)
It wasnt tat bad was it?
Still one piece n not breaking!
I'm gonna see my parents soon!
YAY! <3
But on the other hand everybody is going home.
One point to be emo abt. Sigh. =(

BTW. tOday's 1st day of finals!
Accounting tat is!
End of acct yozz! Congratulate me! =)
Hehehe. N n n i manage to balance my balance sheet!!
YAY! =)
U can imagine me smiling blankly at the paper when i got it balanced!
HAHA. Feels good! XD

1st timer me going for RMIT exams in Albert Park!
Thanks Samuel for taking the tram with me!
Students jam pack in every tram! >.<
But the trams were damn cool~
They actually made announcements saying "Next stop is MSAC where RMIT examinations will be held."
WHOA. Yeng!
Proud to be from RMIT. <3

After the paper went for korean food with Samuel n Evelyn.
Then boohooo. Shopping! >.<
I should feel guilty! *I wan photosss T.T*

Beans everywhere!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Timer starts to tick.

Tmr is the day i've been waiting for~~
When the 1st day of Finals comes... the last day will be coming soon..
Wish me luck peeps!

9/6 Introductory Accounting

11/6 Macroeconomics 1

15/6 Business Computing

17/6 Business Statistics

My hp n desktop wallpaper. =)
Yes i'm tat desperate. @.@

N good luck to all out there! =)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Productively unproductive.

Did a whole lot of stats questions today.
Manage to cover most of the topics!
I finally felt a lil relieved and gave myself a short break. n my calculator too. @.@
This creature named "exams" really kills. >.<

Then then I printed out all the extra MCQs n practices from the learning hub.
N now i'm all tensed up again. =(
Urghh. Gimme a break man. @.@

BTW went for a lil picnic to chill ytd.
One of my distressing activities. @.@
Just so u know, after that i cudnt really get my head back to my books!
Shud hv went shoppping or sth! lolxx.

Haha. Gigi had left over cheese macaroni n I had excessive left over of fried mee hoon!
So tat makes up to a small picnic i guess. =)

Gigi Eunice JR n Me!

Kkk Nitez peeps!
I'm gonna face my bed time "questions"~ =(


Saturday, June 6, 2009


Especially when the 1st thing i see n hear when i open my eyes is ur FF n YELLING n DEMANDING for things.
I'm blardy effing pissed now n I'M TRYING TO GET MY SLEEP n tune back my bio clock.
It doesnt bother me if u dun nit to sleep. I dun blardy care.

Friday, June 5, 2009


I'm blogging again. @.@
Its a habit for me to blog everyday b4 exams. i dunno why.
Maybe its a way to release stress. >.<
Hopefully my brains are feeling stress at the moment. @.@

I've went tru my accounting, macro n computing notes!
I shud feel slightly relieved but i dun. @.@
Coz i've been running swiftly through my notes n i really dun feel safe.
i think i shud turn back n read over again. >.<

Urghh. buck up buck up buck up jo! =.=

What's the chemistry behind those thoughts?! I really dun dare to think abt it or let it out. its not wrong. y fear?! >.<

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I really seriously obviously doubtlessly need to get my blardy attention off the internet.
N facebook!
"Facebook is the root of procrastination!"
How true is tat?! @.@

oh BTW its footy season in melbourne again! =)
Which means the stadium opposite my apartment will be flooded with people n noise.
Yes ppl. Go watch footy. Dun study! @.@

Hmm. Ants looking people leaving the stadium!
cool eh?

Oh sth to note!
Just read my fren's blog n n n apparently one of RMIT's student got affected by swine flu!
Whoaaa. is that enuf to postpone the exams?!
LOL. U wish! ):

Take care peeps. Swine flu's here. ><


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A week to hell.

Hard core

having fun!


Soft Core

I really really really really nit to speed things up! @.@
N n n stress myself till the very limit! >.<

May ur lucky charms be with u in that far away land for the next couple of hours... =)

Monday, June 1, 2009

1st day of winter. =)

There's actually no exact date for winter. =)
But June is like the starting month for the chill to come!
*konon laa. its been cold all these while ok!*
Anyhoww. Docklands welcomed the winter with fireworks! Pretty! XD
View from Neo.

Today was rather hot compared to the past few days! >.<
16 degrees is considered hot here!
Seriously dunno how to survive back in msia~ =(
Miss the heat back home!


My sis n I killed a Python on the 1st day of winter. (:

Was browsing some 2008 pics just this evening~ =)
2008 was the time of my life!
My short hair. Taylor's. My brother. My lutz. My prefects. My english gang. My family. My everything!
Everything just seemed to fall into place so nicely!
N everything that happened in 2008 was definitely splendid. XD
Unfortunately we cant turn back time! =(

I nvr regreted having this hair.

My family. <3

My oh-so-bonded G11.
We may not be together now but I'm thinking abt u.

I missssssssssssssssssss my bro.
Recalling the times where we will just go out buta buta malam for nth n get scolded at the end of the day~ lolxx.
N random moments at Old Town~ with our coffee lava n milk tea! @.@
Definitely want that back! :(

My english gang. (:

N the Sakais i spent most of my fridays with.

By then my hair was down ady. lolx.