Saturday, December 26, 2009

*If you are feeling really at the top of ur mood now, please dont read this post. Dont wanna spoil ur mood.:) Read at ur own risk if you choose to read on peeps!=) dont judge k. Merry xmas!:)*

Had a pretty bad xmas this year.
Xmas lunch at Aunty Rani's house and the parents n I went to shop for a karaoke set.
A new 42" TV, BIG gigantic speakers, with sound woofers n wireless mic and all those crap=RM14k.
Well, thinking that it will be a very wonderful xmas present for boxing day tmr, the parents said that there will be no more trip to Egypt after paying the bills.
WOW, so how is that wonderful?
I dont see how does trading my trip to Egypt or some wadeva crap place in this world is worth a stupid karaoke set that i foresee, will be hardly use knowing that the parents are "heat-heat-chicken-shit" people. =.=
Urgh. Anyways its all good now, generated enough endorphins to cover up the feelings. and with a lil use of your eyes n advice. =)

N yeah, my day started off kinda screwed up because of some crapo ytd.
My whole day today was kinda ruined due to unforeseeable reasons.
My awesome present for xmas this year is = Anger Management.
The art of managing anger is yet to be learnt.
I reckon I am not handling it properly because eating up all my anger is making me cry. T.T
But hey, I'm a newbie in this whole anger management thing.
I'm gonna learn to manage it and I'm glad i noticed the importance of this art. unlike some ppl. -.-

Ok enough ranting,
Merry Christmas Peeps! :)

i hope u are still at the top of ur mood peeps. =)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thank you for clicking in! :)
I'm sorry for the lack of updates peeps..
I'll try to update more often!
So do come back n check me out once in a while! :)
Thanksss lots readers! You are awesome. =D

Well, I'm thinking if CNY comes b4 Xmas?! :p


Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm alive! :)

Took a week off from work and went to awesome Singapore! ^-^
Its back to work tmr! Seriously gotta pick up the momentum and get those research skills working and finish up my assignment. ><
Gonna take another day of leave on Tuesday for God-knows-wad reason! ._.
I've got so much to be done this week, so wish me luck! :)

i need happie food to put me tru this tuesday. >"<
havent had ice cream for ages! hint to Adele wong! :) *i know u will read these small prints XD*

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I'm seriously stuffed with politics.
Have been working in TI-M for a week already, submitted a report and moving on to the next research! :) Something related to my econs field n politics n sth i got too overly excited abt.
Newayzz. I dunno y but i feel like i'm stranded with politics.
  • Research on corruption= POLITICS..
  • 2 days ago i got an email from RMIT regarding an elective subject called the "Advanced Australian POLITICS" that i can choose. Double NO no.
  • This morning my uncle sent me an email abt a how they think a politician is corrupted= POLITICS.

Politics know me but I dont know politics. Triple sigh. =.=
Been working on my research for 2 days d and I'm not getting anywhere! :(
But i must say that I have wonderful colleagues!:)

On a side note, today is MY day because i got sth i've almost gave up waiting AND i got the car for tonite. Its funny how sprinting on roads can get minds off stuff. Awesomeness! :)