Saturday, January 31, 2009

Reunited. =)))

Round 1- Breakfast session
The Lutz that I missed. N I'll miss. T.T

Round 2- Lou Sang
Sr2scB. Still very much the same. =)

Next up, sth totally unrelated. >.<

Melbourne's weather is going super super crazy! 
Hv been speculating the temperature over there, and guess wad!
Melb's afternoon temp can be up to 44 degrees and it can actually drop till 20 degrees at nite!~ 
Damn crazy! I super super wont be surprise if I actually fall sick there.. ><
Melbourne has experienced a record heatwave, with three days over 43 degrees this week and the CBD reaching 44.2 degrees at 2.30pm AEST.
My international Student ID fresh from the oven! =)

10 days! T.T

Happiee Birthdayy!! =)

On my last 11 days in msia.. 
Its Xing's B'd! =)
Wad an important day!^^

Happieeee Burfday Xing!! =))
Xing n her cake N our b'd prezzie to her- the froggie tshirt.

Yupp so the usual gang went to chilis in mv to celebrate. =)
Ling En oni limited an hour and a half for us coz she hv IELTS exam tmr! 
Darn potong steam! But anyhow, Gooood luck gurl! ^^

Ahhh I can see time is passing real fast. So I've gotta appreciate the times with them. 
"快乐的时间总是过得很快,又是时间说拜拜~ " Xing's fav phrase.
In one year time, I'll be back!=)

Today was a long long day indeed~ 
Kicked start from Petaling st. to mv then to DPC. 
Spend a good long day in mv doing lots of things and running ard with LPZ. 
I just came back from godfamily's place coz godpa cooked shabu-shabu tonite.
Omg its damn good until I cant stop!
Ahhh so sinful~ >.<

I am looking forward to tmr! =)) Ahhh I finally get to see my lutzzzzz!!

Till then. ^^

Thursday, January 29, 2009

CNY updates

p/s: If u manage to catch my previous emo post.. Scrape it aight! =)

Alert: I hv 12 days left.
CNY celebrations are getting really boring. 
I guess it started since the year i started staying away from gambling. 
Lol. Not sure if its a bad thing.
This year was like the usual. Eat. gambling. more eating. more gambling!

Ahh then comes the angpau. 
Frankly I hvnt counted my angpau money yet. =)
Lol. i guess from the minute u start learning to earn money, angpau money to you is close to nothing. 
This year I've gotten a relatively BIG angpau from uncle tik, due to the fact tat I'll be leaving!
When I say big, I mean really big n thick that gave me a really big headache! >.< 
Anyhow, thx again uncle tik. =)

Besides. This year was a lil different.
Aunty chin, godfamily n our house got blessings from the chief of Ti-ratana. =)
Just like 6 years ago when we shifted into this new hse. 
Lol. I find chants really soothing somehow. ^^

Today is 初四 d~ =) 
The CNY mood is slowly flowing away. 
From less to little. 
For the pass 3 days, I've been spending time with the company tat I'll miss. 
Which makes me think, 
wud it be harder for me to say goodbye if I continue spending time with them so often? T.T

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Before the ox chase the rat away. =)

The year of rat certainly wasnt a very pleasant year for many many people..
Doesnt matter wad it was, financial, family, studies, career, relationships, 
Hopefully all the bad things will all be gone in the upcoming year! 
Ox will definitely bring a better year ahead for all of u! 

Yupzz b4 i go off for the once a year reunion dinner..
I wud like to wish to u and ur family a..
Happieeee 牛 year!! =) 
Gong hei fatt choi! 

For wadeva it is,  I hope a blessed year ahead for all of u out there~! 
Let bygones be bygones aight! =)

Finally, A new hairstyle for a whole new year! =))
Credits to A cut above.

N a new resolution for the new ox year- Cut down/ stay away from alcohol. 
                     Whichever is more possible..=)

p/s: I am very very sleeeepy. Hvnt had good sleeps recently. T.T Too excited for CNY? Right.. =.=


Friday, January 23, 2009


There are many kinds of swings in this world. 
The normal swings in the playground tat u can find, 
or those tat live near ur small lil heart.

Mood swings are dangerous. 
They put everything tat u used to accept for the sake of accepting away.
N ppl ard u tend to get affected. 
Sometimes keeping safe distance is really needed in order to not hurt the people ard u. 
Its been a long time since i've gotten mood swings.. 
N ytd out of a sudden I was really really moody!
For God noes y! >.<
I was so annoyed n frustrated with everything! n i mean everything for no reasons!
N i really mean no reasons at all..
Gahhh! Maybe there was.. Buggings maybe?

A big thank you to all for ur concerns.. 
Thank you for not keeping a safe distance..
Thank you for not fearing tat i will hurt you..
I am sowie if i said anything harsh that might hurt your feelings..

Please keep a safe distance from me in future if i ever get a mood swing again.. 
I really cannot guarantee tat i wudnt hurt u the next time.. =)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Things to do no. 2- Clear the study room.
Ahh another mission accomplished!=) 
Mum's gonna repaint the whole house and refurbish my good o' study room into her "yoga" room. 
So i had to tidy up everything and throw everything away in the study room~
I finally brought down the usual mess and cleared every single part of the room~ =) 

Going thru all those mess was actually kinda fun! ^^
I found a lot of stuff~ 
From primary to high school and to college~ 
Really see the difference in all my work...
All the different different pictures..
Nearly laugh my heads off! =)
In another month time~ Uni will kick start!
Thru this long walk tat lasted for 18 yrs.. 
I will hv to believe that the path ahead of me will be as smooth as the route i took.. 
There will be memories like the ones I had.. And it will be all worth it to be kept into this drawer.. Like the rest of the memories.. =)

I noe its no use turning back the clock n looking back at all the memories..
But I really wanna say.. 
I miss Lutz..
I miss my bro.. 
I miss Prefectorial Board..
I miss High School..
I miss College.. 
I will miss N2o..
I will miss MCA..
I will miss G11..
I will miss my beloved prefect gang.. 
I will miss the sisterhood.. 
I will miss my family..
I will miss the company I hv here.. 

I will eventually hv to move on to the route ahead of me.
I will take wadeva it takes to walk tru this path tat is laid ahead of me.
And pocket all the great memories I had this 18 years.
I promise. =)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


24 hours. 
1/5 of my day spent on the road. 
PJ Hilton, A&W,KL, KL Sentral, Klang, Subang, Kota Damansara, KL, Klang... 
I am so so so tired and fed up of driving. 
I've been driving so really much recently. 

My ass is gonna flatten. >.< 
Ahhh N my eyes are gonna pop out anytime. 
Nitez peeps! -.-

Monday, January 12, 2009

The list goes on...

My mum is off to Singapore today for work.. 
Frankly.. Its not such a bad thing after all.. 
I needed some space to breathe.. 
I readlly did.. 
Things are not the same now.. 
But I am not gonna go on abt it..

Well b4 my mum left.. 
She has been going on and on and on abt the things i must do b4 i go off to aussie.. 
I am darn frus abt it as i really hate ppl telling me wad to do when i noe myself wad exactly i hv to do.. 
Sighh.. I guess listing the things out is the oni way for me to get over it.. ><

1. Visa approval- tat means medical check up
2. Clear the Study room
3. Clear my bedroom
4. Collect i.c
5. Give all my books away
6. Check eyes
7. Start packing! 

I am gonna start from the top of my checklist..
Going for my medic check up tmr..
N i just got my baby mac mac home from godfamily's hse.. 
They told me to gulp down water! 
So here I am.. Blogging.. While drinking water!=) n reading Breaking Dawn.. =)


Sunday, January 11, 2009

At this very moment.

31 days from this moment..
I will be on the plane..
Taking off to a journey that will last for years..
God noes how long tat journey will take..
But I am all set for it i hope..
To give wadeva it takes to end this very journey..

Let history repeat itself...=)

p/s: Oooo Did i mention tat I hv conquered my air and sea sickness! Woohooo!!
Damn proud konon~


Friday, January 9, 2009

Of caremel and candles. =)

Yo yo yo! I am back from hk! =))
Hahaha~ Had a great time burning a hole in my mum's pocket!
The food the sales the scenery the ppl! EVERYTHING is so so so good!^^
See my investment? My header photo! Damn cute rite?!?! =)
Its like a house floating on the water! hahaha!

Newayzzz I missed my lpz's n my lutz mummy's b'd!
Ahhhh Therefore i shall ganti balik now~~~

Happieeeee belated Burfddaaaayyy LPZ!!!!
I bet u had a really great time selling booksss on ur bd rite?! Lolx!

Hope u had a great time today!!

And thxxx for being my model of the day!!! =))
Hahahaha! xoxoxoxo!

And the other is my mummy tat is struggling in Russia!!

Happieee belated Burfday mummy!!!! =)
Hope u are hving a great time over there!!
Really hope to see u soooon!

p/s: Looking at my picasa web album really make me feel tat
I really miss high sch..

n Lutz.. T.T

The very super protected son of the Lutz family~ =)
The feeling i miss.. is indescribable~


Sunday, January 4, 2009

An escape

Nomad is off to HK for some investment.
Plz take care my properties for me!
xoxo. ^0^


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Long and tired.

.I am tired.
.tired am I I am tired.
.tired very am I I am very tired.
.tired very very am I I am very very tired.
. tired super very very am I I am very very super tired.
I am very very super duper tired.
I am very very super duper tired.
I am very very super duper tired.
I am very very super duper tired.
I am very very super duper tired.

In other words,
I am sleepy~ zzZZzz. -.-

Kill me~
I hvnt finished packing for my trip tmr~!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Helllloo 2009!

A whole new year.. A whole new blog.. A whole new life!!
Welcome to My Private Property! =))
Plz relink me yahh!
Thx for dropping by!
Do make urself at "home"..
招呼不到 ya~

The whole idea of this theme is to have a very homey feeling..
At least when I am over in Aussie I will still feel at home..
Hope this works out!^^
I am going to use terminologies tat are related to home and houses in this blog..
So hang ard with me and give me ideas aight~!

And lastly~~
Happpieeee Neewww Yearr to all!~
A whole new year~ A whole new set of resolutions!
Ganbate neh!