Monday, November 30, 2009


Woww its been 6 months since the last time i yelled so loud.
6 months ago i yelled with JOY, today i yelled because i was PISSED.
and so you know, today is such a happie + sad day.

Guess how much sleepless night has struck me because of this.@.@
Went to bed at 1am ytd all armored for results release at 6.30am this morning.
Woke up 3 times in between to find out that my computer crashed at 6!
CPR it and it came alive again! :p thank God.

Played a round of Ravenhearst and TADA it was DOOMS hour!
I think my heart almost died!
Just so u know, my transcript looks UGLY. :(
2 effing marks to a pretty transcript. urghh.
But if u rmb my vow: "I will not pursue Juris Doctor-Law after my degree IF i dont get a DISTINCTION for my COMMERCIAL LAW this sem." -17.7.09"
My JD n my honours option r still kept open! yay! :p

Went to Impiana KLCC for one whole day of conference on Financial Politics today.
Great experience n exposure! :p
Oh n my big mouth dad has put words in my mouth and got me to work for TI-Msia for free.
I am not complaining, just not mentally prepared YET.

Forgive me for the awkward blogging style today.
Just in the right mood for this stylo milo post. =)

n yeahh thank you.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Dreams are real until you wake up from them.
I've been dreaming abt lots of random people and things recently until I actually believe those are real when I wake up.
Must be the confused mind. @.@

u've been missed.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The aging process.

Dont know why but I feel that u've aged.
Maybe its called the aging process.
Can i ask you to stop putting rocks on your back?
Its definitely a catalyst of this damn process. :(


Thursday, November 12, 2009


Dare me to tell u the truth, because I will.
I just need a push and I'll spill it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I'm freeeeee like a bird!! =]
I'm glad my nightmare is all over for the year!
So... wad's next?!

Catch ups!
n arrange my comp files! ><

Very very looking forward! =]
Thus, I kicked start my hols in a totally awesome way today by....

beating the boys in bowling! :)

Thx for the totally awesome semester guys! =]
Have a great great summer! XD


Monday, November 2, 2009

Dizzzzy dizzzy lemon squeezy! @.@

2 more days to freedom! :)
Doesn't matter wad the outcome is, i just wanna get tru this!
I want my appetite to come back! @.@
I've a feeling that evil Mr.Virus is knocking on my door already.. :(
I have to tahan until the very end!
U toooo peeps! Get enough of rest! :)

Lesson #1: Sleeeeeep early! to consolidate ur memory, says my long lost cousin. :)

More like stuffed brains.. >.<


Thinking abt eggie makes me smile. =]