Saturday, December 26, 2009

*If you are feeling really at the top of ur mood now, please dont read this post. Dont wanna spoil ur mood.:) Read at ur own risk if you choose to read on peeps!=) dont judge k. Merry xmas!:)*

Had a pretty bad xmas this year.
Xmas lunch at Aunty Rani's house and the parents n I went to shop for a karaoke set.
A new 42" TV, BIG gigantic speakers, with sound woofers n wireless mic and all those crap=RM14k.
Well, thinking that it will be a very wonderful xmas present for boxing day tmr, the parents said that there will be no more trip to Egypt after paying the bills.
WOW, so how is that wonderful?
I dont see how does trading my trip to Egypt or some wadeva crap place in this world is worth a stupid karaoke set that i foresee, will be hardly use knowing that the parents are "heat-heat-chicken-shit" people. =.=
Urgh. Anyways its all good now, generated enough endorphins to cover up the feelings. and with a lil use of your eyes n advice. =)

N yeah, my day started off kinda screwed up because of some crapo ytd.
My whole day today was kinda ruined due to unforeseeable reasons.
My awesome present for xmas this year is = Anger Management.
The art of managing anger is yet to be learnt.
I reckon I am not handling it properly because eating up all my anger is making me cry. T.T
But hey, I'm a newbie in this whole anger management thing.
I'm gonna learn to manage it and I'm glad i noticed the importance of this art. unlike some ppl. -.-

Ok enough ranting,
Merry Christmas Peeps! :)

i hope u are still at the top of ur mood peeps. =)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thank you for clicking in! :)
I'm sorry for the lack of updates peeps..
I'll try to update more often!
So do come back n check me out once in a while! :)
Thanksss lots readers! You are awesome. =D

Well, I'm thinking if CNY comes b4 Xmas?! :p


Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm alive! :)

Took a week off from work and went to awesome Singapore! ^-^
Its back to work tmr! Seriously gotta pick up the momentum and get those research skills working and finish up my assignment. ><
Gonna take another day of leave on Tuesday for God-knows-wad reason! ._.
I've got so much to be done this week, so wish me luck! :)

i need happie food to put me tru this tuesday. >"<
havent had ice cream for ages! hint to Adele wong! :) *i know u will read these small prints XD*

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I'm seriously stuffed with politics.
Have been working in TI-M for a week already, submitted a report and moving on to the next research! :) Something related to my econs field n politics n sth i got too overly excited abt.
Newayzz. I dunno y but i feel like i'm stranded with politics.
  • Research on corruption= POLITICS..
  • 2 days ago i got an email from RMIT regarding an elective subject called the "Advanced Australian POLITICS" that i can choose. Double NO no.
  • This morning my uncle sent me an email abt a how they think a politician is corrupted= POLITICS.

Politics know me but I dont know politics. Triple sigh. =.=
Been working on my research for 2 days d and I'm not getting anywhere! :(
But i must say that I have wonderful colleagues!:)

On a side note, today is MY day because i got sth i've almost gave up waiting AND i got the car for tonite. Its funny how sprinting on roads can get minds off stuff. Awesomeness! :)

Monday, November 30, 2009


Woww its been 6 months since the last time i yelled so loud.
6 months ago i yelled with JOY, today i yelled because i was PISSED.
and so you know, today is such a happie + sad day.

Guess how much sleepless night has struck me because of this.@.@
Went to bed at 1am ytd all armored for results release at 6.30am this morning.
Woke up 3 times in between to find out that my computer crashed at 6!
CPR it and it came alive again! :p thank God.

Played a round of Ravenhearst and TADA it was DOOMS hour!
I think my heart almost died!
Just so u know, my transcript looks UGLY. :(
2 effing marks to a pretty transcript. urghh.
But if u rmb my vow: "I will not pursue Juris Doctor-Law after my degree IF i dont get a DISTINCTION for my COMMERCIAL LAW this sem." -17.7.09"
My JD n my honours option r still kept open! yay! :p

Went to Impiana KLCC for one whole day of conference on Financial Politics today.
Great experience n exposure! :p
Oh n my big mouth dad has put words in my mouth and got me to work for TI-Msia for free.
I am not complaining, just not mentally prepared YET.

Forgive me for the awkward blogging style today.
Just in the right mood for this stylo milo post. =)

n yeahh thank you.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Dreams are real until you wake up from them.
I've been dreaming abt lots of random people and things recently until I actually believe those are real when I wake up.
Must be the confused mind. @.@

u've been missed.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The aging process.

Dont know why but I feel that u've aged.
Maybe its called the aging process.
Can i ask you to stop putting rocks on your back?
Its definitely a catalyst of this damn process. :(


Thursday, November 12, 2009


Dare me to tell u the truth, because I will.
I just need a push and I'll spill it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I'm freeeeee like a bird!! =]
I'm glad my nightmare is all over for the year!
So... wad's next?!

Catch ups!
n arrange my comp files! ><

Very very looking forward! =]
Thus, I kicked start my hols in a totally awesome way today by....

beating the boys in bowling! :)

Thx for the totally awesome semester guys! =]
Have a great great summer! XD


Monday, November 2, 2009

Dizzzzy dizzzy lemon squeezy! @.@

2 more days to freedom! :)
Doesn't matter wad the outcome is, i just wanna get tru this!
I want my appetite to come back! @.@
I've a feeling that evil Mr.Virus is knocking on my door already.. :(
I have to tahan until the very end!
U toooo peeps! Get enough of rest! :)

Lesson #1: Sleeeeeep early! to consolidate ur memory, says my long lost cousin. :)

More like stuffed brains.. >.<


Thinking abt eggie makes me smile. =]

Friday, October 30, 2009


金錢同能力比起, 金錢原來重甘多

好想同他講, 不過又驚他會睇唔起我


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Finals starts!

My schedule next week! :)
Cant wait for tmr to come and then time will fly! ^^
Good luck to all of u!
Dont panic and just do ur best! XD

zzZZzz. nap time. not feeling very good today! :s


Friday, October 23, 2009

Country Road, take me home.

Look readers, I know you are gonna find it shocking as u read this post.
But dont freak out, its really Joanne Lee Ching Whey typing! :)

Anyways, I'm feeling a lil weird today.
I've been thinking abt returning home and then leaving home all day today.
You'll prolly think that I am gonna rant abt how much i wanna go home again!
Today i feel different, in fact i'm sort off looking forward to this day.
Dont ask me why! I just feel this way today..

But of coz, I cant wait to go home! I cant wait to see and spend time with all of you! <3
Its just that i cant wait to come back here too coz i think i found sth that i can hardly put down at this very moment! :)

Yes yes i think my brains are screwed!
BTW, I'm surprised tooo! :) Is this a good thing or not?
I know i'm gonna regret thinking this way! @.@


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swot Vac!

Its the time of the sem again!
Sighh. Wad does this signify?
Finals is NEXT week!

Just released myself from the study room after locking myself for 12 hours in there.
Omg. I feeel so sleepy n tired. :(
But I still have work to do!
I am so so so screwed! =s


31. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


"Keep climbing upwards and never look back!" says Uncle Philip.
I've been enlightened by Uncle Philip, Aunty Mimi and my cousin Kenny.
Awesome family catch up yesterday!
Thank you. <3

Seriously, Why care abt the others Jo? :)
Take a break! There's much more in life.

One day, I wanna tell the world that I did not tax my parents for my fees just like him.. :]

Friday, October 16, 2009

Of s'es and 21s.

Dear eLs,

Its funny how we can laugh and laugh and joke and joke about that certain 2 people!
Life's filled with laughter when you call.
So don't emo and smile and trust me, china pek is just one of the many good ones. =]

p/s: I'm sorry we burst your cap! :) Next time burst mine okayy! ^^

Its the last day of week 12 ytd, a.k.a last for this semester and last for the year!
Finals upcoming in 2 weeks and I am definitely not prepared at all.
Thanks to those invisible yet unnecessary pressure I'm putting on myself.
Sighhh. I feel like crying.. T^T


Adele, Lyndy, Eilene, Jean, Ling Chi and ALL the oz people that are reading this,
Study hard and all the best!!
Muakzz! ^0^


Sunday, October 11, 2009

It all started with a breakfast date.

Woke up super duper early today after agreeing to go for breakfast in that long awaited Mart130 breakfast place in St Kilda with Jean last night! :)
Definitely in a sleep deprived mood now.. zzZZzz.. @.@
But today was definitely a productive day! ^^
The weather was so so so goood! :)

Triple stack pancakes with berries n maple!
*pancake palour better!* :)

Corn fritters with bacon n sour cream!:)
*the sun! ><*

Headed to the State Library after a very fulfilling breakfast! =]
I'm so proud to be studying in Melbourne because the State Library is such an eye opener! -^^-
Will definitely head back to the library again! :) Thx Jean!! XD

Shocked! O.O

Rajin! :)

Poser! :)

Met my mentees & co. in Max Brenner on the way to safeway!
Its so nice to see them smile! =]
I reckon I've gotta do sth massive with them b4 i switch to my nerd mood. @.@

Oh oh oh n did i mention that i finally manage to oovoo a couple of my dearies a few of days back when i woke up early and found them online?! :)
Missed a few of them that were pigging!! We definitely gotta come on together one day ok babes!! :)

I miss u guys! C:

Till then, i'm sleepy= bed time! -.-

This is definitely not where I belong. I hate u.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Enough drama for the day.

Today is such a long day! :)
Received both long awaited letter and email this morning!
Definitely having very confusing internal conflict at the moment.
Shall set it aside for the time being and let God do the rest. =p
He'll know wad's best for me. c:

Went for All-U-Can-Eat Sushi in Kobe Jones today!
OMG we manage to gulp down SEVEN platters of this:I reckon I had enough sushi for the month.
Anyhoww, I had a great time catching up with the girls. =]
Forgive me for the bad picture!
Cant seem to save this picture. :(
But u get the idea laa. =D

Got my Prices and Markets test 2 scores today.
Kinda disappointing but its bearable.
I'll have to make it in my finals. Oh-so-pressured! @.@
On the other hand, just got my Marketing Stimulation Game scores fresh from the oven! :)
If I didnt interpret my scores wrongly, I'm satisfied with my scores! =]

Everything seems so clear now after blogging everything abt today. :)
I'm sorry if my blog contents seems to be confusing!
There are things that I have to keep deep down yet I still have the urge of jotting down! @.@
Thus, sowiee confused readers! Thanks for bearing with me!

Do I have a choice to live under a separate roof?

Monday, October 5, 2009


Went for dim sum in Glen Waverly this afternoon with some RMIT friends today!
Awesome foood! Awesome atmosphere! Awesome people and Awesome weather! XD

Met up with Eilene for her late lunch after that and bubble tea!
Did not regret spending my whole evening with this lazy bump!~ :)
Thanks for having the same feelings as me!
I'll be strangled by those feelings if i dont spill them~ ^^

Thx babe~! :) mwahsss.

Happie Mooncake Festival readers!! :)
Tulips for all of u! :)

Urghh I am so so so so lazy and tired!
Jason commented that my Negligence flowchart is not good enough!
I'm suppose to do it today BUT i am so so so so LAZY! ><
Urghhh. Killl me man!

p/s: DST starts today! I am 3 hours away from KL and 10 hours away from UK again. :(

Sunday, September 27, 2009


友谊 是那么的脆弱
爱情 更是如此的短暂



Friday, September 25, 2009


Loook which nerd's in the house?!Fresh from the oven!
In case u cant recognize who he is, he is my wonderfullest FBIL! :) HAHA.
Forgive the wu liao ness kk!
Its just one of those jokes to keep u awake at this hour of the day when u have simply nth to do but just bum around! XD

BTW Dealing session today was a blast!
We manage to raise $349,891,656.15 2 hours before the session ended! :) Target reached! XD
Had lots of fun laughing at the dealings! HAHA. Thank God its the last session this sem! :)

Cooperation J

Ahhh my health's screwed! :( Havent been feeling well recently.. :( :(
I cant be bothered putting up with it anymore! Have to bring medicine into the picture soon. :(
On top of that~ My bones are cracking n my muscles are aching!
Just spring cleaned the whole house tonite to welcome THE special one tomorrow! XD
My back hurts so badly now. Urghhh.
Its 2:19am! 6 hours of sleep and off i go to the airport!
Weeeeeeee! :)

The wonders of prunes. Impressive. :s


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hello mates! Wakie wakie rise n shine! :)
Just read lyn's bimbo post and she sort of put me in a blogging mood today! Ahh thx darling!:p
Its a nice looking day today! The sun's up but its yet to drizzle!
Today is a totally slacking day with a 6 hour break in between 2 lectures.
Wassup man?! NERDING and catching up with my fav people it is!
Thursday may be the last day of classes BUT there's more stress to come! >"<
So yeaa. Ready. Get set. GO! :)

Look who's in the house!
My sis & co. went to Royal Melbourne Show n got me that kicik-mayung thingy.
Dino zai found a company! c: c: c:

Ahh forgive me for the total monologue-ing + syok-ing sendiri post!
I just woke up from a 12 hours sleep n definitely feel totally wrong today. :) *i dunno y i put this smiley here.*

Anyways, FRIDAY is coming! Wooooooots! XD
Off i go to class!
Tata darlings!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 9! :)

Monday- Marc-André Hamelin's concert!
Tuesday- Honours information night
Wednesday- Nerding day
Thursday- Money Market dealing session
Friday- Nene's arrival*** + E-night @ Monash
Sat- Authur Seat Maze with MATEs.
Sunday- Tulip Festival hopefully! :)

Week 9 will pass in a blink of eye! :)

Then comes the good days.. XD
Muakssss. ^0^

On a side note..
Bon Voyage my dear Karyan! :)
How are u coping over there in UK darling?!
Dont fear a new life over there! i'm sure everything will set out well~~~~
Make lots n lots of new friends n enjoy uni life to the fullest kk darling!!
We will see each other soon definitely!
I miss every bits n pieces of time we spent together and with the sisterhoood!
Do take careee babe! All the best!! Mwahsss.

Happieee Burfdayy darling En!! :)Its been a year since this pic was taken!! Time fliesss!!
I cant wait to see u soon my dear!:)

Friday, September 18, 2009


Urghh. When i am stress I tend to not notice wad's going into my mouth.
Wtf. N then I feel all the guilt coming to me. Grrrr. -.-
I was stressed. But i've released it already.
Tonite is an effing productive YET stress night i reckon.
Not studying! BUT sigh. i have to keep it to myself. Sowie darlings! :(
Wad stays in this room will stay in this room.
Anyhow I am glad its all over and all i nit to do now is wait. :)

Recent social mood: ZERO.
I'm sorry if i m splashing cold water to our conversations. But this is just not the right time to talk. Gimme another week or so okayy?

Tmr will be my last friday without you. Loves.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Plz let me rant for once. :(


Very very very effing confused now.
My heart's in a mess. My mind's in a mess.
I dont know what my heart is saying.
I wanna throw everything out but I cant!
I need a listener that is deaf!
There are so many things that I have to keep to myself.
What happen to those tear glands!! I WANNA CRY. T.T

BURN those forms! URGH.
It is so so depressing to be sitting in front of the comp waiting for emails. :(

Dont ask! :(


Sunday, September 13, 2009


Do u know how great it feels to be giving back to the community?! :)
Volunteer work dont pay, but it heals the heart.
Its definitely worth to spend some time n get out of books and get the volunteer work going!

Went Spring tree planting in Royal Park in Parkville last sat with Jeanne n Chris!
We dug holes, planted and watered almost 20 plants i reckon!
Good job girls! =p
My butt hurts now tho after all the standing n squatting.. Sighh old d.. :(

Me, Chris, Jeanne!

One whole stretch to plant! @.@

Spot my 1st plant! :)

N of coz free food for the hardworking people!
Arabian cuisine! I am officially addicted to Arabian cuisine! Yummmylicious! XD
N freee Henna tattooo for us tooo! :) Definitely enjoyed myself!
Thx Jeanne for the invitation! XD

Went for a drink with Mickey the day b4~
Got to know a lot of people!:) N i think i was sort of hallucinating that nite..
Very unexpected but definitely a great nite anyhow! =D
I guess i needed to give back to the community to bury the guilt of alcohol.. :s

Me n Mickey! :)

And on a side note.. I'm loving uni! :) ♥

p/s: Friday is coming! shit shit shit shit shit! STOP PRESSURING ME! T.T


Friday, September 11, 2009

Week 7 n counting.

2 more weeks of sucky cooking!
4 more weeks of classes!
6 more weeks of slacking!
8 more weeks of sem 2!
10 more weeks of Aussie!
11 more weeks of being 18!

Excuse me for looking rather ahead! c:
I'm out of words! lolx.

RMIT's fire drill:
Millions of RMIT people flooded Melbourne's busiest street!

I'm in lurve with my darling adele wong!
Thx for everything babe!^-^


Friday, September 4, 2009


Spring is officially here!! XD
Showers n thunder storm n the HEAT! N pweety flowers of coz! XD
Awesome stuff!

1st day of spring! =D

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

5 days left.

I spent the 1st 5 days of my break doing this...........

I am so gonna regret. @.@
我真的不敢想像我在忙着做梦的时候"他们"却在做什么... =.=


Saturday, August 29, 2009


I so cannot imagine i am still here breathing!
Thursday did not kill me. I SURVIVED!
Yay me people! YAY!=))

N yay us! :)
We made 64 million dollars!

My 1st mcd after 200 days in oz!
Happie food to release stress! =)

I officially spent my 1st day of break eating. taking medications. n SLEEPING.
Babi betul! :) n Yes I am still sick! @.@ Reason being I skipped a couple of days of meds. My bad. :(
But i enjoy just that very moment of not having UNIVERSITY in mind!
Totally RELAXED. not until an email arrived in my inbox n sort of bugged me. :(

Anyhoww. I am glad i am still surviving.
There is more to come! This break is not all about resting!
I have another paper after the break. URGH. @.@

Happiee belated Burfday Jone! :)How nice to be hanging out with them after a long stresss thursday!

p/s: I am going to lodge an application to another uni. Hopefully the outcome will follow wad my heart says. :S


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


..I'm very very screwed n stressed..
Nuff said.

This is prolly the last congratulatory letter i'll b getting from RMIT's School of Economics, Finance n Marketing.
Such a motivation. Yet a burden.
I'm gonna have to pin this up my wall.

Marketing test tmr. Micro, Com law test n dealing session on thurs! Yes Fail them jo! :(
I wanna go home...


Monday, August 24, 2009

Bon Voyage Nat.

To the pwetty babe tat's leaving for Hong Kong tmr..

G11's where we met. More specifically biology lab was where we 1st met! :)
I rmb tat was the 2nd week of college n U were with Huey Ren meeting us for the 1st time in ur whole entire life.
N i tot "Geez y do they look so alike!"
Just so u know, I always got both of u mixed up! Sorryyy my bad! :(

Throughout the year we weren't close.
A couple of hi-byes, teasing each other n outings then comes the full stop to that good o' carefree college life!
Ahh how time fliess! :(
Clearly we hardly took pics together!

This lovely girl here..
Dunno how we got closer after I came over to Melb!
We started talking more often tru msn n skype..
All the book recommendations she gave were awesome!
N she was always there for me when my blog says that i was down n depressed.
I seriously seriously appreciate it nat! Thank kew for reading my blog! n everything! :D

I remember reading ur blog abt u getting a place in HKU, I was so so so happie for u!
Do u rmb that time in skype, when u wanted to test ur Cantonese?
HAHAHA. I seriously cudnt stop laughingg! A rojak of 3 languages in a 3 word phrase!
I can never never forget that Nat! :p
BUT BUT BUT I shall hold my laughter for now, because i know the next time I see u, U'll speak more fluent than me already!
Then we can converse in Cantonese n text in Cantonese! It will be so much fun! :)

I'm sure I'll see u back in Dec in that place that we call home!
N we will build more memories together! N have more BBQs in ur hse till late night! :)
N if i ever get a chance to go to Hong Kong, promise me to let me bum in ur rooom n bring me to all the good foooood okay babe! =)
So now, I shall assign u to explore the whole of HK on my behalf!
No time to emo ok darlingg! =)

Here, I wish u all the best girl!
Fly safe n do take care!
U'll be badly missed by all of us. But we WILL see u sooooon! :)
Have fun n Study hard Natalie Ang!
God bless ya.
Lots of hugs n loves from me to u! :)

p/s: Let me know ur HK add n phone number when u get it ok! Mwahss. ^0^


Sunday, August 23, 2009

1st medic cert.

Got my 1st Medical Certificate today!
Should frame it up maybee. Proudd! =D *fan fan. lol!*
Lectured by dad ytd n mum kept bugging me to see a doc. :(
Poor nene keep texting me to check on me! :) :) I heart my family!

Newayzz, not H1N1 peeps! no worries. :)
Just normal viral flu. @.@
Thank you all for checking on me!
I will get well soon okay! XD

I'm such a failure when it comes to taking care of myself when i fall sick.
I've been so out of my mind recently just thinking abt next thursday. :(
Urghhh. Hard core studying in progress!
But doc ask me to rest n sleep n slack n bum at home this weekend!
Not likely to happen! but the medication is making me so so so so so sleeeepy!

Lesson: DONT FALL SICK! Take good care of urselves! all of u! =)


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dealing session!

The only happening thing that I wanna share today is...
Financial Market's practice dealing session! :)

Class in a place filled withh phones! :)
Suppose to trade foreign currencies between teams n make a profit out of it!

Trust me, we had other teams calling us to order pizza.

Team Awesome! a.k.a Bank A!
A$4000 profit we made.
Cool stuff! :)

Down with Sore throat n Fever.
Bad timing. >"<
I must get well sooon. =(