Saturday, February 28, 2009

Whining. [U can skip this]

Dear diary,

Classes will officially commence next week. That will be a tues as I'll be off for all mondays. N the lecturers have been bombarding our mailbox with tons n tons of emails abt wad to prepare for the 1st lecture. I've been flooding my time with lecture notes and course guides until i forgotten all abt the word tat starts with a H. Home. 

Maybe the word home has officially became a "foul" language to me because thinking abt home, family n friends back in msia tears my heart. N its really painful. Right now I am thinking abt my own little room, which is now painted ORANGE n *apparently its looking really good*, N my spiral staircase at home where u can actually run up n down, my nene n kakak's cooking that smells really good at this very moment, dinner with my god-family n my extended family at the oh-so-green garden which will now smell of paint because the walls are newly paint, my dearest Pippa who will sit in front of her kennel while waiting for us to come home oni to hear us call her name, thinking abt bro finally catching up with her friends in cardiff  n finally all of my dearies at their 1st week of orientation [or some tat even started long ago].

Today I took the effort of clicking into all of thier blogs n went through every word in their blogs. U may feel tat I am bored n I hv nth to do. But I just truly wanna noe wad's happening back home and wad I am missing out. I really wanna witness the new friendship all of them built in this whole new environment and feel the fun or the pain they r having. At this very moment, me too, really hope somebody in my family blogs. Or even my extended family. I miss all of them. This may sound a lil weird. But I really miss all the family gatherings. T.T 

"i can be surrounded by a sea of people and still feel all alone."

Over here in melbourne, there are many many many people to hang out with. Frens. Frens of frens. Sis's frens. I may be laughing n laughing along n cracking lame jokes tat nobody laughs to n present myself as a happy go lucky person. But deep inside, it aint suppose to be like this. Portraying myself tat way will only make me feel alive with these company. Sometimes after a good laugh, when i tend to be a lil more quiet, many many things are running in my head. Its back to square one. During the late nights, when u are up all alone staring at the dark skies n listening to the traffic out there is sometimes really depressing.

12 weeks of classes, 3 weeks of breaks n 2 weeks of exams n I'll be finished with 1 sem. Tat will be in 4 months time. It sounds so short when u say it. But it is not when u start counting down the days n everyday passes u with fear n loneliness. On the bright side, I'll be seeing mum in 5 months time. It will be a paradise if I get to see dad as well. Besides, I'll be seeing Uncle Thiam Lai next month hopefully, darling lyn during her sem break perhaps, Loong during his July intake maybe n Nene in 8 months time. N finally return to a place i call home. 
Meanwhile, the wait will be long. I'll hv to study hard, n tat's wad I am here for. I'll hv to make friends and everyday next week will be a challenge. I'll move to wherever I am suppose to. A bigger n more comfortable place perhaps. I'll do whatever it takes to forget my foul language during the wait. n yes, if u are still reading my long whining post, I hope this will be my last emo post. 

Dear diary,

There are times where I'll miss everything so so much. Tat's painful. But i'll have to move on right? Looking back at everything n missing everything back at home is not going to do me any good afterall. This is a one way ticket n there's no way of turning back. If I am going to stay on in melbourne for the next 3 years or more, I'll hv to get over this whole entire missing home syndrome. I know I can do it right? N u, my diary, will stay together with me n hear me whine abt it over n over again until i get over it right? 

Till then. I'll hv to get back to my lecture notes, Enough of ranting n move on. 

"Never let the fear of striking out,
keep you from playing the game." 

thx for reading. =)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Here it goes again.

I miss home all over again. T.T

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Freddo Orientation.

Orientation day was a blast today! =) 
Hahhaa. Better than I've expected! 
Met a couple of ppl! Mostly China Chinese, Hui Chin the Ipoh girl n Jon the Msian Angmo~
BBQ lunch was good too! =) Tho it was freezing out there at the rooftop~  
Lalalala. Freddo for me~~ Guess the story behind mr. froggie! =)

Tmr shall be the Festival Day! 
Clubs n societies to join!
Student Union? =) Thinking twice!
Gonna meet up with Jeanne~ Tat's a kick start I hope! 

The weather here in melb is so so so freaking weird! =)
Ytd was like oven hot n today is like freezing cold! 
But yeaa~ I still had a chance to go n hang out in the Carlton Garden with JR, Sis n Ron a couple of days back.
Hahahhaa. N yeah tat black fur ball down here is JR~ Damn cute rite!=)) 

N lastly its really nice to hang out in Max Brenner for a nice dark chocolate drink after a long long cold day!! =)
N a good plate of choc dessert! 
Yummmyy!! ^^

Tat's me! N Max Brenner's Hug Mug! =))
So nice to hug when u are feeling really cold~

Tonite.. I manage to catch up with some of my buddies back home~
I miss all of u so much!!!
My sisterhood, my brotherhood, my prefect gang, my Lutz n of coz my bro~ =)

Till then. Sleeping time! =)
Sowiee for the brief update! 
I got too excited chatting until i forgot all abt blogging! Ooops! ^^


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

As Eilene Tan puts it, Its Oday tmr. =)
In long, its Orientation Day!
Ahhhhh. I am pretty nervous abt tmr.>.<
Keeeping me fingers crossed! 


Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today is just lk any other random day.
I was struck with the news of us hving to move to a bigger n further apartment.
I dunno wad I was hesitating abt.
Its so so not me to feel reluctant to stay in a bigger place.
I mean, Who wudnt wanna stay in a bigger apartment?

I feel really nice in this lil shoe box.
This lil shoe box has definitely more pros than Neo 200 @ Spencer St.
U cant hv the best of both sides.
Its either big, or the gd location.
I choose location.
Esp with Jean staying just above my head, I feel more reluctant to move.

Then then I talked to chew ping n karyan. Read Lutz Daddy's msg on facebook.
Talked abt singing k. Talked abt msia. Abt N2o. MCA. G11. Abt Lutz.
I tot abt all of u.
Tears tat hv been filling my lil eye finally burst out.
Tat's my limit. Less than a week n I feel lk going home.
Maybe this is wad u call, the after effect. Homesick.

I din tot it wud be this hard to be out here. Esp with sis, ron n giant ard.
U are not alone, Jo.
But self comfort doesnt work on me.
I am not mentally stronger than u bro. T.T
Definitely not. >.<

I m going to Chadstone with some of my dearest G11 tmr.
I think I cant leave w/o them d.
Orientation starts on Tues.
Will things b better? =(

Friday, February 20, 2009

Feels good. =)

Today was the best best day in oz so far..
Its great to meet up with all the G11s here in Oz land~
In a place where I feel like I am standing alone. 

Today Jean, TJ, Rachel, Yen Theng, Su Ann, Yen Theng's mum and Jean's dad n I went ard melbourne!
Jean TJ YT SA YT's Mum n I met in Vic market n went for lunch in Coconut Hse this afternoon!
Ahhh Msian food tat i really really miss!

Then then then we went to Melb U
Melb Uni is so so so so big! Like a maze!!
Can get really really lost!>.< *n we did!*
We met Mei Yin there! =) *today is a G11 day!!^^*

Then we went to Jean's place for a visit and sat down n chit chat!
Jean's dad was there! =)
So we invited him to hv dinner with us~~
Her concept blue apartment is so so so big!! 
Her bathroom is so so so so big tat it is enuf to beat my small lil living+kitchen+toilet downstairs~
N her bedroom is so so much bigger than mine upstairs!!

Then then then 7 of them also came to my shoe box for a visit!
Wad a big contrast!
7 ppl in my apartment? Imagine! @.@ 

Met up with Rachel in the State Library at 7pm n we went to Dessert Hse for Chinese food! 
Goood foood tat u must really try! =)
8 of us headed to QV n Big W n Laguna for a walk n went to Lygon St. for Freddo's! 
Freddo's durian ice cream!! =)) A good replacement if u really really miss durian in oz! =)

Walked Aunty, Yen Theng n Rachel home near Vic Market n then headed back at abt 11~ =)
Oh oh did i mention tat my apartment is just next to jean's?!
Its so nice of Uncle n Jean to watch me enter my apartment 1st b4 going back to their place! 
Thxxx! ^^

All in all~ Today is THE day after 10 days here. 
We will definitely do it more often~
The next thing we are planning to do is the Osaka Twilight Festival n n the last summer night market in Vic Market aka Pasar Malam~
I am so so so looking forward!!!

Its also so so great to meet up with all of ya! 
It feels so so home to be ard u guys n walking from one corner of melbourne to the other!
We really really walked a lot today! *claps^^* 
C ya guys this Sunday!! 
We must take lots of pics!!
Muakzzz! ^0^

Wishing tat the other G11s were here toooo. T.T

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A different day.

Its enrolment day this morning. 

Its also the day my parents were heading home to kl.
Many say tat I dun feel ath when I left KL for Oz its because my parents were coming along.
To me, I say, Maybe yes. Or maybe not.

This morning I woke up with a really bad mood.
I kinda lost my mood coz my parents kept bugging me to get up and down.
Maybe they were more excited than I was.

When my sister n I were abt to leave,
My dad was like "This was like 13 yrs back. With ur red uniforms going to kindergarten."
Nvr expected to hv those words coming out from dad.
But yea. We bid our goodbyes n left.

I did not look into their eyes when i said goodbye.
I nvr turned back after I closed the door.
I was afraid.
N hey! Who wants to hv their student ID picture looking like a cry baby.

In RMIT was the enrollment session.
We waited for half an hour and stood outside tat lecture theatre.
I did not see big smiles like Karyan's.
Or brave girls tat approach everybody like Lyndy.
I dun feel good abt this whole new environment.

I hv the phobia everyone have, Meeting new ppl.
Wad kind of frens will I get?
Will I be lucky enuf to get frens like I had in High sch? Or College?

I am home alone now. With JR.
The apartment feels so empty now.
My dad’s not here watching tv. My mum’s not here clicking her blackberry.
I am feeling really really emo now.
Everything happened in a day.
I nit time to pick things up.
I miss all of u. I truly do. T.T
N all the outings. N the fights. N the stalking. N the yik yaks. N... N... N... N the list goes on..

N thxxx all for talking to me when I am feeling really emo.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

So far so good.

Its my 2nd time blogging since i've touched down melb. =)
It has been 3 days and I am doing good so far. 
Today dad touched down melb too! With my Breaking Dawn! ^^
Awwwww. No regrets at all ady! <3

1st day at the heart of Melb~ =)

Its a friday nite now. Or shud I say sat morning. =)
Tmr is Vday!
My apartment is along the main roads and the windows are open!
I can hear ppl singing outside and ppl talking really loud!
Ahhh. Wished I knew them to go down and join the fun!>"<
Like all of u now, celebrating eilene's b'd at her hse!
Oh gosh! I so so so wanna be there!! T.T

My study corner~ =)
Ahhh anyways! 
The good news is after Vday many many ppl will start
 to head towards melb!
Eilene, Yi jean, TJ, Yen Theng, Su ann, Giant, Karen, Rachel, Mei Yin n lots lots more i think!
Super looking forward! =)
Wishh all of u have a great flight aight! <3

My RMIT business campus~
Happieee Vday to all!! =) 
Ahhhh I wanna go out with my darlings!!


Happieeeee Burfday to my dear Eilene Tan!!!! <3

O goshhh. U really cannot imagine how much i miss u!
Quick quick come over! 
Then we can go all ard! 
N yum cha in QV together!

Newayzzz. Hv a good day tmr aight! =))
N a great Vday tmr tooooo! <3>
Lolxx. xoxoxox!


Thank u all for mentioning me in ur blog!
N all the sms-es!
*esp the sms from uk ^^*
I m really really touched!
Even if we eventually loose contacts..
Do bear in mind that
U will always be on my mind
I, Joanne Lee was once a passer by in ur life.=)

Nitez Peeps~! xoxo! =)


Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hellloooo Darlings!!=)
I hv safely arrived in Melb ytd morning!
I had a great flight tho it was a lil choppy~ 
And great enteratinment from all the msgs! 
Thxxx lots all my dears!

Melb is cold! Damn cold esp after a shower!
I ran from one corner of vic to the other ytd the whole day!
Took pics but they are in Ron's place!
I'll upload them later!=)

Muaksieee to all~! xoxoxoxo!
I've gotta run!
I just woke up and I gotta go for lunch with aunty suat later!

Once again. Thx darlings for sending me off~ *failed to be pro tho =(*
For all the smses~
For all the diaries~
For all the photo frames~
Luv ya guys much much more than i can expect! <3

MUAKZ! *slurp*

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How am I suppose to feel?

The feeling is coming. i think. >.<
I refuse to fall asleep today. 
Due to the construction work tat is going
 to come along in my room after i leave, I am getting really worried abt all my precious things in my room. 
I am putting everything into the drawers like there's no tmr. >.<
N I keep repacking repacking n repacking my luggage. 
Am i excited? Or am i nervous? @.@

I feel really lost. Deeply lost. 
I hv so much to say. I hv so much to ask. I hv so much to tell. 
But time will not wait. N tat's an untwist-able fact. 
Farewells after farewells. Goodbyes after goodbyes. 
They mean a lot to me. =)
N yes. All of u mean a lot to me. 
Frankly, I still feel like i am going for a vacation. 
I din noe farewell cud be so sad until my dear Karyan cried. T.T
N i think the feeling came. 

The thing i hate most abt tmr is not tat I am leaving. 
I hate it becoz its Lutz daddy's b'd tmr n I cant celebrate with her. 
Her b'd wish last year tat I wanted to fulfill. Sighh. Crushed. T.T
But I really hope she'll hv a great one this year. =)

Happieee Burfday Daddy~~~ =)

N Lutz mummy all the way from russia contributed a blog post to me tat made me feel sad. 
Maybe tat's the feeling. Tat's the feeling tat I shud be hving. 
Becoz i feel normal now. Like how a person leaving home should feel. 


Sunday, February 8, 2009

pictures worth a thousand words.

Feelingless is annoying. >.<

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

U u u & u. =)

Sometimes in life there really are bonds formed that can never be broken
Sometimes you really can find that person who will stand by you no matter what.
Maybe you will find it in a spouse and celebrate it with your dream wedding. 
But there's also the chance that the one person you can count on for a lifetime
the one person who knows you sometimes better than you know yourself is the same person who's been standing beside you all along
~ Marion St. Claire

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Breaking freee.


This day has finally arrived.
My COE has also arrived. 
I'm done packing. =) 
I am ready to break freeeee!

My pumpkin is sleeping?! =)