Saturday, August 29, 2009


I so cannot imagine i am still here breathing!
Thursday did not kill me. I SURVIVED!
Yay me people! YAY!=))

N yay us! :)
We made 64 million dollars!

My 1st mcd after 200 days in oz!
Happie food to release stress! =)

I officially spent my 1st day of break eating. taking medications. n SLEEPING.
Babi betul! :) n Yes I am still sick! @.@ Reason being I skipped a couple of days of meds. My bad. :(
But i enjoy just that very moment of not having UNIVERSITY in mind!
Totally RELAXED. not until an email arrived in my inbox n sort of bugged me. :(

Anyhoww. I am glad i am still surviving.
There is more to come! This break is not all about resting!
I have another paper after the break. URGH. @.@

Happiee belated Burfday Jone! :)How nice to be hanging out with them after a long stresss thursday!

p/s: I am going to lodge an application to another uni. Hopefully the outcome will follow wad my heart says. :S


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


..I'm very very screwed n stressed..
Nuff said.

This is prolly the last congratulatory letter i'll b getting from RMIT's School of Economics, Finance n Marketing.
Such a motivation. Yet a burden.
I'm gonna have to pin this up my wall.

Marketing test tmr. Micro, Com law test n dealing session on thurs! Yes Fail them jo! :(
I wanna go home...


Monday, August 24, 2009

Bon Voyage Nat.

To the pwetty babe tat's leaving for Hong Kong tmr..

G11's where we met. More specifically biology lab was where we 1st met! :)
I rmb tat was the 2nd week of college n U were with Huey Ren meeting us for the 1st time in ur whole entire life.
N i tot "Geez y do they look so alike!"
Just so u know, I always got both of u mixed up! Sorryyy my bad! :(

Throughout the year we weren't close.
A couple of hi-byes, teasing each other n outings then comes the full stop to that good o' carefree college life!
Ahh how time fliess! :(
Clearly we hardly took pics together!

This lovely girl here..
Dunno how we got closer after I came over to Melb!
We started talking more often tru msn n skype..
All the book recommendations she gave were awesome!
N she was always there for me when my blog says that i was down n depressed.
I seriously seriously appreciate it nat! Thank kew for reading my blog! n everything! :D

I remember reading ur blog abt u getting a place in HKU, I was so so so happie for u!
Do u rmb that time in skype, when u wanted to test ur Cantonese?
HAHAHA. I seriously cudnt stop laughingg! A rojak of 3 languages in a 3 word phrase!
I can never never forget that Nat! :p
BUT BUT BUT I shall hold my laughter for now, because i know the next time I see u, U'll speak more fluent than me already!
Then we can converse in Cantonese n text in Cantonese! It will be so much fun! :)

I'm sure I'll see u back in Dec in that place that we call home!
N we will build more memories together! N have more BBQs in ur hse till late night! :)
N if i ever get a chance to go to Hong Kong, promise me to let me bum in ur rooom n bring me to all the good foooood okay babe! =)
So now, I shall assign u to explore the whole of HK on my behalf!
No time to emo ok darlingg! =)

Here, I wish u all the best girl!
Fly safe n do take care!
U'll be badly missed by all of us. But we WILL see u sooooon! :)
Have fun n Study hard Natalie Ang!
God bless ya.
Lots of hugs n loves from me to u! :)

p/s: Let me know ur HK add n phone number when u get it ok! Mwahss. ^0^


Sunday, August 23, 2009

1st medic cert.

Got my 1st Medical Certificate today!
Should frame it up maybee. Proudd! =D *fan fan. lol!*
Lectured by dad ytd n mum kept bugging me to see a doc. :(
Poor nene keep texting me to check on me! :) :) I heart my family!

Newayzz, not H1N1 peeps! no worries. :)
Just normal viral flu. @.@
Thank you all for checking on me!
I will get well soon okay! XD

I'm such a failure when it comes to taking care of myself when i fall sick.
I've been so out of my mind recently just thinking abt next thursday. :(
Urghhh. Hard core studying in progress!
But doc ask me to rest n sleep n slack n bum at home this weekend!
Not likely to happen! but the medication is making me so so so so so sleeeepy!

Lesson: DONT FALL SICK! Take good care of urselves! all of u! =)


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dealing session!

The only happening thing that I wanna share today is...
Financial Market's practice dealing session! :)

Class in a place filled withh phones! :)
Suppose to trade foreign currencies between teams n make a profit out of it!

Trust me, we had other teams calling us to order pizza.

Team Awesome! a.k.a Bank A!
A$4000 profit we made.
Cool stuff! :)

Down with Sore throat n Fever.
Bad timing. >"<
I must get well sooon. =(


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finally ended.

Today was a very bad dayy.
Body's aching. Throat's soaring. Stomach upset.
Very hard day altogether.@.@
Anyhoww I am glad all's over.
N i can smilee n tell the world that I've finished my com law tute hw!
Nth to be proud abt coz i technically scribble through and hope for the best tmr!
Tmr will be another long day i knoww, n it wont get any better until next week's over. T.T
Emo siaoo. Sobss. T.T

When life gives you lemon, throw durians back at it!
Stand up jo! :)
I want nene, gor jac, lpz n darling dele. =(


Sunday, August 16, 2009

An unproductive day.

A day half well spent! :)
Fulfilled my winter bbq wish tat i simply mentioned a couple of weeks ago n my sis's dying-to-bbq mood.
See how sisters think crazily alikee. =D
Lol lol.

Paper cups n plates flying everywhere!
Even the blardy tin foil turned down on me. @.@

Even people oso can fly! lol.

Anyhowww. I had a great timee. apart from the hang over from giant gor's b'd party last nite!
Massively bad idea to drink when u have a series of party ahead of u. @.@
N Jone n Michael n Loong managed to make it afterall!
Takeee care Michael! =D N thx for coming guyss. XD

After the essence of the BBQ, i literally slept.
Slept until now lorr!
Y do i always nit these kinda long sleep now n then..
Urghh. >.<
Added on at 12:34pm fresh from the oven: Bye bye piggiee!
Thanks for accompanying me these two weeks..=D
Happiee returning with all the bruises! HAHA!
Fly safeee n Take caree alright!

过了有效期 时间拉长距离 只能用等待交换 一个原因...


Thursday, August 13, 2009

week 4/12 :)

I have a 9.30am tute tomorrow. please ask me why I am still here!
My hand has been jogging for almost 4 hours on 12 pages of papers scribbling answers for 3 questions from my law tute tomorrow morning~
Urghh Law is cool~ but but I am thinking twice abt it ady~ >"<
So i guess too much of a hand exercise makes the brains awake tooo ehh..

Days have been bittersweet recently..
Bitter bitter coz uni work n stress is starting to pile up..
Sweeet because of a certain reason laa~
But but both bitter and sweet sort of balanced but not enough to cover my worries for the exams end of this semester!
Very emotional~ But but but.. study hard n persevere is all i can say to myself at this very moment~

HaPpiE belated 21st bUrfdAy Samuel~~Stupid pigg. Stop bullying me! >.<
lol lol lol. =]
Hope u enjoyed ur nite the other day!
n n n be patient larrr! 好戏在后头嘛~

tick tock tick tock.. Sked!


Monday, August 10, 2009


Times like these are moments i heart.
But good things dont last forever.
N bad things dont stay long.
Especially when one is running with the clock.
Precious moments like this will just fade with time....
Thank you for making things feel so real.. :)

Emo para.. Paisehh..
Today's Yen Theng's B'd!
Happie Burfday Yen Theng!! :)

Hope u had a blast!! =D
See u sooon!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


暴饮暴食~ 什么都暴~


很快就会看到你咯~~~~ =D
爱你!Muakssss! ^0^

Just got this pic from Jia ye~ :)

This was us a couple of weeks back when he came over~ XD

ada udang di sebalik batu~


Monday, August 3, 2009


Here comes the month of August! :)
My calender doesnt look very exciting tho! >"<
Nevertheless, its one month closer to home!

Highlight of the month!

Aunty Val is coming to town end of this month!!
YAY! <3

Its gonna be a long wait tho!
I cant wait till then because by then I wud have gotten a grip of Commercial law n this topsy turvy time management of mine.

I certainly enjoy my bedtime stories-com law. =D

Time will tell.