Sunday, May 31, 2009

To be like you.

Today, mum's turning 5*~~~~ =))
Despite her age n those bumpy roads she made tru, She still looks really really young n pretty!
Thus I shall no mention her age here otherwise u guys may get a heart attack~ lolzz.

Happieeee Burfday Mummmy~~~~ <3
Stay young Stay healthy n Stay strong mum!
Miss ya n Love ya. ^0^

Just the other day I saw mum's vid on Youtube in the library~
I really din see my tears coming~
Just when I saw mum's face in Youtube my tears eventually started flowing for God-knows-wad-reason~>"<
I guess tat's wad made me home sick after that~ sighh.

Anyhow! I'm overjoyed!
Mum just booked tickets for herself n Gong gong to come over 10 days b4 me n Nene return home~~~ =)
That will be sometime in the beginning of nov!~
Guess my finals will be over by then~ => hehehe.
See wad I mean by I hv a whole lot of plans ahead of me! =)

Wait for me guys~~~~~ XD
I cant wait to see all of u~~ =))
I cant wait to land my foot on Gold Coast Sepang~~~ *winks*
N of coz I cant wait to taste the authentic food back home all over again! =D

I should really stop making time run faster than it really is~~
Its back to boooks again~~ =(
Study HARD people~! XD

Friday, May 29, 2009

Finale. =)

YES YES! Countdown over!
Week 12 officially over!
Semester 1 2009 over!
It wasnt tat bad was it?! =)

Newayzz. i had a great grand finale today!
A nice round black full stop to this semester!
43/43 for my computing assignment that i've been struggling all these while! =)
Thank God! >.<

Also, I went to MAS's office today to book my return ticket home!
Hehehe. See wad home sick did to me! =(
But tat's for end of next sem larr!
I've a feeling next sem will pass really fast!
A whole lot of plans ahead for me! =)
Muakzz muakzz muakzz. ^-^

Till then, I've been in melb for 109 days.
Time flies yea! =)

p/s: I wanna be lk u. =)

Of sunrise n sunset. =)

God knows why I'm suddenly thinking abt home today~
Feeling all so sentimental this morning.. =(

Anyhow, manage to get up to catch the sunrise today!
It feels good to b watching the sun shine the dark city and to see the lights of the buildings start to turn off bit by bit!

6:52:01 am

Then then after 2 hours. I saw this!

Hot air balloons! =)

Hmmm I think I know why I'm missing home today. =(

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The list of LAST. =)

Accounting Lecture

Accounting Tutorial

Economics Feedback Forum

Computing Lecture

Computing Demo

Macroeconomics Lecture

Statistics Lecture

Statistic Demo

Computing Workshop!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


...i have you to be with

everything will be easy


i have you to be with
















I wanna say thank you...


If life can be so good everyday,
Why will people even have the tot of ending their lives?
Because Life doesnt treat everybody so well.
And when things get back to reality, everything goes back to square number one.

I've had such great fun these two days~
I wished we din have to say goodbye. =(
All good things will eventually come to an end.

Back to reality. Back to books. Back to the internet. Back to FACEBOOK. grrr.

p/s: U've been running in my head. =X

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Urgh. I hate myself.
Technically this is week 11, which is also the last week we will be learning things.
Wad has gotten into my mind?
Skipping tutes and lectures like there's no tmr?!
URGH. I nit to think over my priorities again.
Sleeping vs Lectures vs Tutorials vs slacking.
Yes. SLACKING is the word I hate that loves me so much.

Yucks. I hate myself. @.@

Saturday, May 16, 2009

To my dearest one.

Wishing u a very very Happpieee 2* Birthdayyy! =))
You brought me up when i'm down.
You listen to all my rantings when i'm feeling grumpy.
You dare to wake me up when I'm sleeping.
You do ath that is good for me.
You will always be there for me when the whole world is turning their back on me.

Don't get me wrong readers. You noe I dun hv a blood related brother.
But i often mention abt my brother in my blog. =)
Hehehe. Excuse me for the confusion. XD
My bro~ a.k.a bro bro~ a.k.a ah gor is a person that i've been looking up to all these while~
Since a very very very long ago!
High sch, prefectorial board n now~ this future lawyer has brought many many impacts to my life! =)
She's one of the reasons for who i am today.
She's more than my brother~ She is part of me~ =)
I know this sounds a lil wrong~
But but i really really really appreciate to have her in my life~ <3

Do u noe y we call each other brothers?!
Does this pic answers ur question?=)

Bro is in UK now studying law~
N i'm over a million miles here in Melbourne studying my business~
Uk and Aussie is just a distance~
Distance wudnt break a strong brotherhood like us~
N I really thank God for allowing us to stay in touch and make things easier for us~
Nothing is breaking n our brotherhood is still strong n counting! <3

I miss my brother really really really really much~~
We practically go tru the same things together everyday tho we are not together~
Those times where we will stick together like play doughs will long to come~
But i know as long as we hang on~ those days will come b4 we know it rite bro?!

Lolxx. see how we can still cam whore tho its like miles and miles away!

Me and my crazy brother.
Brothers forever and ever and ever. <3

I am thankful. Very very thankful. ^0^


Sunday, May 10, 2009

3 months.

Its been 3 months since i've left my home sweet home.
I shall officially announce that I AM DOING FINE here. =)
With my bro supporting me from the other side of the world and darlings always talking to me back at home n the great company i hv here, i finally manage to let go the thing that has been following me for 2 pathetic months.
Thank kew bro Thank kew darlings and thank kew people.
Putting home sick aside really makes a lot of difference! *smiles =D*

If u notice, i am 30 days away from finals!
Which means i gotta stop all the slacking and get the engine starting~ >.<
N i am officially 3 weeks away from end of 1st sem!
Time flies yo! =))

Ohhh n today is a big day for all mothers! XD
Happieeee Mum's Day aunties aunties kalian!=)
Wonder wad will i do if i were at home today. XD
Happpieeee Mothers' Day mummmy!!
Mum's b'd coming sooooon! how how how?!
Flowers and cake?
Best match yea?! hehe.

Okk. n finally. in case everybody's wondering how i'm looking!
n making wrong assumptions based on my old pics!
This is the recent Yours Truly n her egg tart.
The cold cuaca here is making my hair grow longer.
I knoww i nit a hair cut. I'm annoyed by my hair tangling up!
I will get one SOON.
I cant wait for Kinzo or Wendy. I'll probably die untangling my hair. lol.

N n n the cold weather here is blocking all my sweat glands!
I'm wondering where's all the "input" going to? hehe.

Now u may wanna reconsider ur judgements my dearies? =)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Out of the blues.

Do u know how much i enjoy being with this grp of ppl?!
I look forward to every wed just because of them.
My whole week can be really screwed but they can just make everything straight again.XD
I'm the youngest in the grp!

And and and this girl here in particular!
SHE plays a big role in n outside my uni life!=)
I know i said this a lot of times. But thank you thank you thank you gigi ng! XD
I can nvr thank u enuf. =)

Its been 9 weeks of uni n i'm still counting!
Thank kew all for making my 9 weeks pass so smoothly! =)

p/s: i mix really well with 1988 babies. hehe. or maybe i'm old? T.T
But but but guess how many 1988 babies are there in this blog post! lolxx.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm in love with my babe. <3
I can feel ur warmth at this very chilly nite
I wannaa hug and squeeze u tight
I am really thankful to have u by my side.
There u go. Meet my babe.
His name is Mr. Heater n Dino of coz. =)

Today is such a day. =)
#1. I woke up late.
#2. I successfully hop the tram n got to class just in time.
#3. We played a game in accounting tute.
#4. My grp was the winner n our reward was that we cud brag ourselves as "the super group" to other ppl abt it. *lame*
#5. I am blessed with nice and caring uni friends. <3
#6. I rearranged my timetable n I am really happie with it.
#7. I learnt that We shudnt judge a book by its cover! (in a gd way =))

Tmr wil also be THE day because I am going for dinner with THE people. =) hehehe. n i finally get to see claudya tan after such a long time! YAY. XD

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


There are somethings that i can easily let go.
It does not really bother me if somebody misunderstands me or hurts me badly.
But there's just something that I've been holding really tight all these while.
I can hardly move on at this moment. I can barely live up to my expectations.

Did God put me in a group of smart people to get me going?
Or izit me, that is left behind?

When most of the people around u are high achievers, what will u do?

.:I will just hug somebody tightly till i let things go:.
but I'll just hv to hug myself here. T.T

Hmm. Rather emo. =)


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wu li ma cha. =)

將世界上所有的真善美 送給他
讓他幸福 快樂

將世界上所有的真善美 送給她
讓她平安 快樂


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Enuf said.

Thx for warming up my hse for me. =)
I had a great nite.
Very tired at this very moment.

p/s: check out my header! =)