Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life lately

Life's goood n fulfilling recently.
Love the fact that I am so busy.
Love the fact that I am busy doing things I enjoy.

Public speaking in front of a 100 people crowd this friday!
Keep all fingers n toes crossed for me please :)

=When I was skyping with mum=
Things have not been well between me and my dearest ones.
Sad :(


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nyehh Happieee c:

YAY! Happie day ytd! :D
  • IVG Futsal reached its limit! Thanks Ismael n my Sujana brothers for the help :D
  • Facilitated AIESEC's LCM for the 1st time c:
  • Played bitches-bitches with part of the AIESECers after dinner! Dangg dirty minded -.-
3 things i learnt:
1. Reach for help and you shall be assist :)
2. High school has done much impact on my public speaking! :p
3. Not going to StateCon was a bad idea *but Amazing race was good* Contemplating weather to miss Mt Buller for NewCon this July!

RMIT Mentors + Mentees
Amazing Race 10.04.10
*thumbs up*

Part of the AIESEC :)
I am a happie person! :p Love. c:

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Woke up.

Sleepy mode.


Late for class.

Sat thru an hour class.

Needed a dose of caffeine.

Had 2-hrs coffee talk with Aunty Suat.

Worked on the last bits of my assignment.

IVG Meeting.

Continue assignment.


Submit assignment.



Dear Diary,

One week left to IVG! So glad registrations closed, same goes to sponsorship applications! What I've learnt in this committee? I'll let you know. For now, I've gotta admit that I was, and still am, and never will be goood at meetings. Seriously. Because words come to me so fast that I hardly think. I seriously need to cut that down and start making use of those brains.

I'm going to be incharged of AIESEC LCMs sooon! Loooking forward! :D Dangggg. I missed Statecon. I can picture the AIESECers having the time of their life there right now :( I hope tmr's amazing race will make up to my absence in State con.! Fingers crossed for good weather :)

Submitted my 2000 words assignment tonite! :D One burden off the shoulder! *it was nvr a burden actually! just wanna make it sound big :)* heeeheee. My brains are empty. What have I been doing this whole mid sem break man! :s To do 4 years or not to do years? I still cannot decide! :s

Table Tennis
I've skipped many many many tt sessions in Uni! Sorry partner! :p Will make it up sooon! Played 2 1/2 hours of TT this wed! Will play again on sunday! Muscle aching everywhere but I feel gooooood! :p yay!

Monday, April 5, 2010

I nit ice cream..

We quarreled.

We took sides.

We nvr gave each other a chance to explain.

I'm sorry we are so similar.

You prolly dunno that thinking about it makes me sad :C

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Break!

Yay! Easter break is finally here! :D

Happiee Easter to All~

Thanks Andre for all the bunnies!
*Look! the pic on my blog! lolx.*

Hmmmmmmmm. What do I have this break- I have meetings! I have assignments! I have test! I need to practice Table Tennis for IVG!
And I have lots of things to deal with.. I wanna donate blood! I need to go to the doc to get my eyes checked! :(
Ah rite.. So.. Easter break it is..

I can't decide between Mentoring Prog Amazing Race vs AIESEC State Con!
I am gonna cryyyy soon! :(( Grrrrrrrr. Howww!
Decido-phobia! :s
And then I have MASCA National Conference n Games vs AIESEC National Conference to decide! Humphh..

Last night EFMSA's Lauch @ Eve was supa awesome! :D
Free drinks! Lots of EFM people! The company was goood! :)
Music sucked tho. And I lost my jacket T.T Sigh.
Gives me a reason to go shopping I guess :)


Anh has a classic face :)

My AIESEC President- Brendan! :D

Jo, Jono, Jack! =)

Binesh was there!
My Financial Markets Lecturer! :D

Yours Truly has been sober tooo long :D