Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Its all abt acccounting!

Yo yo readers!
Sowiee for the lack of updates! hehehe.

Today's topic abt accounting is slightly different! =)
I shall officially take back all my words abt accounting and make a new sentence abt it. XD
"I love accounting. <3"

Lolxxx. Just got my mid sem exam paper today. XD
Hehehehee. As above! u know why i love accounting now rite?
The feeling of achieving sth after all the hard work is really really goood.
Tho i hv to constantly tell myself its actually nth to boast abt!
But each time i look at the paper i will smileee to myself. XD
Nth beats this feeling. n i love it. XD

On the other hand, its my 4th nite in Neo 200. =)
The above is my master piece on the wall of MY very own room.
It looks like the old one but but but every picture is pasted up with all my heart ok. XD
Will show u guys pics soon enuf.
I am seriously thankful to be staying in here.
Thank you mum n dad.
Tho i still dun like the idea of investment. but yea.
N thx Gigi Ng for ur superb help!
I wudnt know wad to do without u wei. Seriously! >.<

6 years darling. SIX. =(

Just talked to my lovely darlings on the phone n skype too.
Tonite is like the nite that i feel like i miss home again. =(
Its been so long since i get to fall asleep watching tv. hehehe.
N thankfully i manage to wake up in time to call my darlings as planned. hehe.

Ohhh n i saw loong today!
Looooking good yo! XD hehehehe.
I think i almost teared the moment i saw him outside the state library!
But but but I am so so happie. =)

Praying for miracles to happen for my darling as promised. =D

I get so happie talking abt this friday.
I am looking forward to seeing u eilene tan. =)

Okaay i shud really get going.
Econs exam this thurs. Dun get too over confident joanne lee.

Study hard my dear. No maggie mee k?? >.<

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On the move!

Thank you all for asking me abt how my house is being lifted and transported to my new place. =)
We have successfully moved half of the studio out!
Half more to go and we are officially out and away. XD

I think we were quite geng becoz 3 of us manage to move boxes after boxes by TRAM while sis watch over the cleaning ppl. 
Thank God nth much happened EXCEPT my poor sling bag strap. =(
My strap broke when we used it to tie the boxes around the trolley. >.<
May I be blessed with a new bag. =) lol.
Thank you all for offering ur help. Really much much appreciated. XD

Accounting test today was kinda okay laaa. 
Theories and balance sheets. @.@
But I feel like i dropped a big rock off mu shoulders. 

Its stats time!=)
Tata people.^^

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Caution: Ample time n a filled stomach needed from u.

Eh eh eh.Just noticed my blog is filled with emo post!
OMG. So freaking sowieee my dear readers! =) 
I ganti balik some happening post okay. XD

Presently, there's so much happening in my life. 
Clashing timetables and busy schedules.
I am going tru the "see step walk step" life everyday. 
Not knowing wad to expect tmr, or the day after.But I am trained to get used to this kinda random routine.=) 
So yeaa i am coping. =)

Well many of u know that i am moving home soon. 
I will get the keys to my new place on monday and then we can start moving in d!
But but its sort of clashing my timetable coz I hv my MID SEM TEST the next day. 
N the worst thing is that the test is the effing annoying subject! 
Yes u got it, ACCOUNTING. >.<

Till now my hse is still in a big big mess. 
I hvnt started packing yet. So i dunno wad to expect on monday. =)
But everything will b fine when the time comes! 
Tat's the principle that I have been holding on tat walked me till today.

The old view.
The very famous La Trobe Street. XD

The new view. =) 
Docklands! XD My fav hang out place!<3>

Kkk. Let me show u some of the ppl i enjoy hanging out in uni. XD 
And the food that is making me grow even more sideways. >.< 
But u oni live once on this earth, so so gotta appreciate all the nice nice foood! =)

The people. =) 
Ngam ngam in one photo~ XD
Gigi, Samuel, Evelyn, Me, Claudya.=)
We met in stats class!
Those moments where we have to pasang all ears when the tut-tut train lecturer starts talking.
He goes like "u may wanna write this down.. bla bla bla bla~"

That's Gigi~ =) haha. Taman Tun gurl. XD
Guess her age ppl! 
This sexy babe is like the best best shopping n crapping n hanging out patner here! =)
I met her in our 1st accounting tute!
She got exempted from Accounting after that!
So unfair! Ditch me! >.<
But we manage to arrange to get to the same macroecons lecture after that!
This women lives in Jean's apartment!
Will miss those moments when we walk to uni together! 
N those times where i just randomly ask u to come over for dinner!
Haihh. Next time u better roll over to spencer street okay. XD

Claudya tan. 
The singaporean tat only goes back once in 6 YEARS!
Beat that man! Its like getting a medical degree! haha.
I miss this women lahh. 
She got her whole sem exempted. >.<
Ditch meeee toooo!! Ishhhy.
But its surprising how we only had a few lecs together and how close we are today!
She has a good voice btw! XD

I love msians n singaporeans!=))
Yea yea kill me lahh.

Next up,

Sofia Pizza and Pasta
Pasta Mista from Sofia! XD 
Yummmy. =)


Kobe Jones.
Sis n Me n Ron in Kobe Jones Docklands!!^0^

Lollipop Sushi!

Caterpillar Sushi. XD

Very Yummy pork ribs! =)

Some very simple desert that cost a BOMB.
N i mean a bomb!
U can literally buy 2 big whole secret recipe cakes and LOTS of banofee pies with that price! O.O

This is the Durian Ice cream I have been talking abt.
Best Durian Ice cream in Melbourne apparently!
Nice medicine for me heart when I miss home. XD
*Thumbs up*

Yum Cha.
When we say yum cha here, we dont mean mamak!
We mean dim sum!XD
BUT u can really find really nice dim sums here!
That's my favourite term when it comes to food! - YUM CHA. =)

A whole bowl of COW ORGANS.
Fear factor! XD

Ikea's Meatballs with mash potatoes!
Reminds me of home!
I hv been having this big crave since I went to Ikea the other day for some furniture shopping!
OMG. The food there is so so so cheap!=)
Save cost! XD

Fish Bar
Familiar faces? 
Yes. The gurls from G11! =)
Fish and Chips n Calimari from Fish Bar in Docklands!
Its kinda over rated laa. >.<
Victoria Market's one nicer! XD

Having ur very own box of Fish and Chips while enjoying the sea view is wad u call QUALITY life.
Unfortunately we cant have that everyday. T.T

Aussie's famous Boost juice! XD
That's my very 1st Boost.=)
Mango Passion smoothy! <3 
*Karyannn! Mango!=)*
I gave my 1st time to Boost juice in Docklands!

I am officially in love with docklands!
Docklands is 5 mins away from my new place. 
Oh no. Bad sign! >.<

The Good news.
Skyped with mum today. 
She will be coming over this winter as planned. =)
BUT! My dad may be coming too!XD XD XD
If u know me well enuf u will find it weird for me to be yelling out happily abt this.
But i am happie.
Also! Mum says that godma might be coming this winter together with them too!
OMG. I love to hear this!

Then then mum told me that Uncle Thiam Lai left for melbourne last nite!
He is here he is here! =)
Finally! Once he is here, means its april!
Meanssss a few more guests n then its time to go back home!! =))
Lalalala. I miss my uncles! N my god family! <3

Then then just the other day~
Adele told me that she may come to aussie this june!! =)
OMG. This women makes my day lahh. 
U must come okay!=))

AND AND. Its one more day closer to seeing loo sheng loong!
1st of may is the reunion night at my place Mr Loo!
Must confirm ur time with me okay! XD Lalalaa. I cant wait! =)

One assignment down on friday! =)
That's the computing assignment!
Din get the results i wanted from the excel worksheet~ But i m fine with it. =D

The Bad News.
LPZ told me that her dad dun let her come aussie with Eunice! T.T
Sobzzz. But she will try!
I am so so touched LPZ! 
Thanks for taking out one month of hard work to pay for an air ticket here.
But seriously! Dont okay! I heart ache!

My darling lyndy oso cannot come see me d~ 
Mum dun let. T.T Sobzz. 
But but I know I will see my darling soon enuf!
I miss u! ^^

Havent got the time to skype with my sisterhoood!
I will spare some time for u gurls real soon!
U guys must spare some time for me okkk! xoxoxo.

Just got my stats test marks. 
Sighh. Did real bad laa. I think i failed. =(
Gotta try harder next time!
Hate it when my brains go hay wire whenever it comes to math!

Happieee Belated Burfdayyy Kylieee Chin! 
Okaayyy. This is a long and satisfying post for me. =)
Thx for reading my dear readers! XD


Monday, April 13, 2009

Last 3rd day of hols.

Told myself to start studying today. But nope, I turned myself down today again. 
Its such a wrong choice to let u-noe-who to do that part of the kumpulan kerja rumah. 
Haihh. Should have known it earlier. >.<

After dinner tonite, I couldn't go online due to my sis's gaga-ness over FB poker and I didn't wanna face my books. 
Instead I re-read these two precious of mine. =) 

The feelings I had reading them this time were kinda different. 
Teared looking at the pics and flashing back the good o times as usual, just like that day on the plane. 
Really thankful to have such great bunch of good friends. 
I know u guys are the once that I can and will keep foreva and ever. <3
And u guys are the only reason that is pulling my heart home.

Thus, I decided to finish up this video today and upload it to tell all of u how much I appreciate ur companies. =) I really mean it. 
Thank you so so much for everything. <3 

Please bear in mind that I will be there for you no matter what just like how u guys will stand by me whether if it rains or shine. 
I heart u people. =)


Sunday, April 12, 2009




Saturday, April 11, 2009

I love malaysia. <3

I've officially survived in melbourne for 2 months!! =)) 
2 months that I won't say "I am doing fine" when u ask me how i am. 
It takes time to really feel that way. 
Coz I still talk abt msia everyday. =) n the people around me tend to remind me abt msia everyday. Especially, the food. XD

U may be surprised when i tell u abt those who are constantly telling me abt roti canai, nasi lemak n bak kut teh. N clubbing back in msia!
Just the other day, the australian guy that lives in msia, Jon, that many of u may hv read abt in my blog was telling me abt nasi lemak
His fren was going back to msia this easter and and he told his fren to bring nasi lemak back for him no matter wad!! =) *its illegal n impossible. lol.*
Jon and Gigi, tmn tun's pretty girl! also told me that nth beats clubbing in msia!
I can't prove that, coz i very good girl wan o..kay..! =) ngek ngek! 
N n the next day samuel, who's a half msian n half hong kee that lives in hong kong was telling me how much he misses bak kut teh n roti canai n a lot of other things lahh. XD

I feel really weird when they are telling me things like this~
Because u wudnt expect an australian telling u abt the nice spicy stuff back home! 
N n a hong kee n half msian to be telling u how nice bak kut teh is when hong kong is such a food paradise!
BUT it proves that msia is truly the food paradise!
U may not agree now, but when u go abroad, I reckon u will feel it! 

Thus, people people who are planning to come over really soon! *points at loong*
I bet u will miss it! XD

Faces to be revealed soon! =)) 
Hang in there readers! 
I'll show u the ppl that I suka berhang out in Uni soon. XD
Kecuali lu-tau-siapa.
Tak tau? Tanya aku. =)

xoxoxoxoxo buddies! 
Miss ya all~ 


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Note the time. XD

Yo yo yo my fellow readers!! 
Loooooook at the time here.. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 
Do u see a difference?!?! 
Do u see that msia n oz is now only 2 hours difference?!
Do u see it do u see it?!?! HAHA. 
Awww one hour closer to all of u. =))

Coz oz is now moving out of day light saving~ 
No no technically it has moved since 3am this morning. =) 
So so technically the time was frozen at 3am this morning. XD 

I luv sundays!! XD 
Because sundays are marketing days! XD 
Which means u get nice dutch pancakes~ smoooth soft cheese cake~ N yummylicious overflowing fish n chips! 
Lalalala. XD

Off i go peeps! =) So looking forward! MUAKZ. ^0^

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I know i hv been blogging a lot lately. *just lk karyan*
But i just feeel like telling the world wad's running in my head and passing those nerves. 
Its ok if the world doesnt read them, at least I know I took the effort to tell the world the things I wanna say.

But yea. Today. I feel like telling my fellow readers that yesterday I had my really doomed day.
Anyone walking along the streets that saw me would hv tot that someone robbed me or sth. 
YES u got it. ROBBED.

Some freaking reckless idiot stole my pendrive. 
It was also my fault that i left it there. I hate my carelessness. 
But just a glimpse n its gone. 
Gahh. My computing assignment!!! T.T 
I worked it up to the HD level n now I hv to do it again. 
N i totally lost the momentum to do it. I seriously lost it. 
It doesnt matter anymore. I dun give a damn on this idiot blardy assignment! 
But deep inside i know this is not wad i am thinking. 

Haihh. i feel like pouring now. 
But the tears doesnt come. 
I wan my happie food! 
I nit a pair of ears to listen to me! 
But crying n eating n telling ppl abt it wudnt make a difference i know.
My assignments wont come back to me. 

"U've gotta learn from the obstacles uni puts along ur way. Going to uni is not so much abt the education." - Quoted from my godbro

Loosing my assignment n my pendrive is just one of the obstacles. 
I've learnt my lesson. T.T

Friday, April 3, 2009

April's Fool

Helllo there. =)
I really wish that wasnt an april's fool joke in that previous blog post. 
My darlings are angry because i fooled them. Sowieee darlings. 
U guys make me feel appreciated. Thank kewwww. 
I love all of u. <3>

N u lyndy lim. Seeing u staying up till wee hours kills ya know. So get to bed when u are suppose to. Otherwise I come back n kill u ahhh. =))  

N leong karyan. U know we love u. Stay strong. N be who u wanna be. XD U hv the sisterhood holding ur back for ya. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo.

N Henri tan. Thank kew for all those random calls~ Sometimes u calling me when i am walking along the streets make me feel like I am heading home. Weird but yeahh, thank kew. XD

N estee hooo. Box n burst me laa. =) I really feel like mati-ing now. Miss u really lots. Talk to me ok! =) Kekekkee. XD

N kylie chin. Hahaha. Its just an april's fool joke if u din notice. =) I really wan it to come true, but everybody knows it wudnt. Grey hopes. T.T haha. But no worries, i will call u out when i reach home. N u hv to drive me to connaught. LOL.

N eilene tan! Aihhh. I wanna balik oso laaaa.  Can u squeeze me into ur bag?? Or make it the other way, since u are made of bones, u shud go into the luggage instead. HAHA. I need to see u NOW! =) 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Looooook forward to seeeeing me okay!!!! XD XD XD

[April's fool! T.T ]<----- Highlight here to see the date!! =)