Sunday, January 31, 2010


I feel like I'm gonna black out soon..
Life owes me a good long rest..
I demand for it now!

I guess this is what they call the aging process?XD Oh boy.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When home turns into a hotel.

You know how people say the house turns into a hotel?
I feel it now and then, once in a while.
After a long day of work, I just need to shut up and rest well.
I haven't been talking much in this house because I don't see the need to talk.
Because they don't listen, they just hear for the sake of hearing.

Its very demoralizing when you find out that they don't trust you, and they don't care.
I finally understood how kids turn rebellious now and then and get themselves into trouble when they want attention.
I dont like it when you say, "just let her be"..
And I dont like it when you point at me and say, "there, she's the one you should be scolding"

Seriously, wtf.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Kawan-kawan sekalian!
IF you happen to be in Subang this Sunday from 11am-7pm, Drop by Subang Parade ok!
Because.. its CAR BOOT SALE on SUNDAY babeh!


Car boot sale is held in conjunction with Children's Wish Society! :p

Date: 24/1/10 (Sunday)
Time: 11-7pm (UNLESS sis finished stock)
Venue: Basement, Subang Parade (Behind digital one)

SEE YOU THERE buddies! :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Then comes the end of my weekend.

"Hey Joanne, Stay as long as you can ok? We need your help here."

Ahh snap! That was what my boss told me b4 I could tell him I intend to stop end of this week. Boohooo lets do the math together :)
I have 40 days left till Melbourne,
So if i work until 29/1/10, that's 11 days
Thus, 40-11=29 days
In conclusion, that leaves me another 29 days to enjoy if I work until end of January. *HAHA did u use a calculator?*
Uh well, for the sake of Uncle Chiu Ing, okay lah..

Back to rewinding the clock a lil, this weekend was nth but awesome. :) Worked like a freak for the past 12 days, so this weekend was relatively relaxing for me^^ :)


Adele, sis and I went to one of my fav festival of the year, Japanese New Year! :) Yummylicious foood and junk! ;D Was a lil down because our very well planned Saturday was ruined due to mum's sudden trip to Vietnam >< Anyhow, she came back in time to join us for dinner^^ yay!

After dinner went to pick Judee up from Sentral Hotel :) Had a good chat with this gurl =D lolxxx. I'm sorry I was dozing off darling XD Hope u had an awesome one :p I'll c u back in Ipoh^^


Manage to get dad to try Delicious this time! Had Duck Confit Spag, Steak, Anti Pasti and Choc cake! ZOMG its delicious man! :p Love the ambiance esp. the one @ Dua Anexxe^^ The next one I wanna go is the Delicious @ Marc Residence! :) Who's up?

Mum came up with a random idea of having steamboat for dinner! :) Had my awesome Godfamily over!^^ and we had a karaoke session! :D Food was good~ The company was greater :D Hip Hip Hooray! XD

Owwww Monday Bluesssss. :(

Friday, January 15, 2010

Guess wad?

Loook wad came out fresh from the oven today?! :)

Its TI's newsletter! :)

And looooooook!

I'm in the team! :)
Thank you TI-M^^

Its a blessing in disguise.
Yes it prolly is.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm tired, mentally. I have a feeling i'm gonna need a good long rest!

I cant stop working because I'll get struck by boredom.
I cant take a break because I've got events coming up every weekend.
I'm quite reluctant to get to bed early because sleeping is such a waste of time :s
Yet sleeping is important.
Good night world! Imma rest well tonite. *hopefully* :)


Monday, January 11, 2010

Picture blog :)

The list of good things that happened since new year :)

Finished my 2nd assignment on a research tat i've been working on for almost a month
17 pages of work! *clap clap*

Got my 'allowance' from TI-M :)

Worked in Edu fair for Studylink just for the fun of it :p

Met my good ol' high sch buddies that was also working in edu fair :)
4 of our booths were all next to each other! yeng!
KDU-Studylink-ATC-HELP booth back to back XD

meet my new found high sch friends^^

and of coz one of my awesome girlfriend from college :p

All in all :)

2010 has started off with an awesome beginning :p
Hello 2010!~ =]


Sunday, January 10, 2010


I dont like it when you lie.
I dont like it when you assume I know.
I dont like it when you lose confidence in me.
I dont like it when you tell me what to do.
Anybody but YOU.
I wanna go back to Melb.
I'm tired of this place.

Monday, January 4, 2010

♪♫..the party don't start until I walk in..♪♫
Because I say so.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello 2010~

2009 has finally came to an end and 2010 has just opened its doors. I havent really summed up year 2009. I wouldnt say that my 2009 was THE year of my life, but nevertheless it was memorable. Double-o-9 was a year filled with new frens, new Uni, a new way of living. From what I recall, it was a very long yet fast year. It felt like it was just yesterday that I was welcoming 2009 in Desa Parkcity!

And wow, just-so-u-know i was already welcoming 2010. :)

365 days is really not that short. I managed to shape myself into a happy jolly person as they say. Outgrown the shy-ness and into a girl overloaded with confidence. Its probably Melbourne that got me to step out and reach further. Oh wait, maybe Taylor's played a role also.:) I wouldn't say that i'm happy for who I am now and I think i could have done better. But, what is done, is done and I cant really change much of what I've become. But 2010 is going to be another year all over again, thus I'm gonna have to set the correct resolutions. Are u with me?

Intermission: 55 days to melbourne!

Its funny how much can happen in 52 weeks. I've seen the true faces of people and understood what friendship is all about. Totally agree with the statement about how making the 1st move to say hi is the key to keeping in touch. I guess people do move on after all. Nobody's going to stick around and see how you are when you are out of reach.

My biggest achievement in 2009 in this friendship part is prolly to be able to keep my very best childhood friend that I thought I will lose very close to the heart. :) Its been 10 years and counting n I'm truely grateful for she has always been right there for me when the mind is not following the heart. Its very surprising how she makes me feel home in that far away land by telling me all the random things she does everyday.

Also, there are many many many others who have cared for me during my down times. *u know who u are* Thank you very very very much is all I have to say! :) You know without all of you I wont be here blogging already. 2009 would not have been an easy year w/o u guys. specifically my girlfrens. :)

The mind has gone through lots of ups and downs in 2009, same goes to the heart. Euphoric moments and disappointments. Studies have appeared to have turned for the better but the pressure cum stress load has increased. I've turned into a total nerd i must admit. Prolly a playful one. This statement can be an insult or a compliment, depending on how you look at it.:)

Uni life in this whole new decade is going to be a b*tch i reckon. But I'll have to hang on anyhow. People always say 1st year is easy, so I cant be overjoyed and over confident and that is one big lesson to learn.

As for the life, I think i've been honest n made it quite clear to the people around me that I've had a couple of infatuations here and there but its all gone now. I feel that I am not ready to be committed yet and I'm happy single. Full stop. :)

All in all, that is all I have to say for this year. I've made them proud n I've survived down under. But I have not changed for the better, n in fact for the worse, and that is what I am worried about. Mmmm, I guess my resolution list for 2010 is going to be looooooooong. What about urs?