Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Accounting is once again irritating.

Do u know how balancing accounts can be really annoying??

1. Sort them into Assets, Liabilities n Owner's Equity.
2. Sort them further into Current Assets, Non current Assets n bla bla bla. 
3. Write them down in the vertical format balance sheet. 
4. Oh no. U feel like peeing! n u are so tempted to check out those msn msg in front of u.
5. U ignore the peeing feeling n tell ur fellow frens to give u a minute.
6. Then u input the figures into the balance sheet. 
7. Then u grab ur calculator while ur pee is oozing out of ur bladder. 
8. Ur hands are numb n shivering because 1. its cold outside 2. Ur sis turned on the air cond coz its hot upstairs. 3. Ur bladder is bursting
9. U finally start pressing the calculator with ur numb hands. 
10. U calculated the Total Assets n the ending balance BUT its UNBALANCED
11. U start cursing n cursing because 1. the sheeet is unbalanced. 2. the people talking loudly outside the streets think their grandfather owns the street! 
12. While cursing n trying to concentrate, u return to the top n check all over again! 
12. N FINALLY u got it balanced n rush to the toilet! >.< 

I m going to make sure I go to the toilet b4 i start a balance sheet! >.< 
Accounting can seriously cause stones in ur bladder wei! LOL. 
N the stupid ppl outside are so inconsiderate! Its almost 2am n u are shouting n yelling outside the streets?! Darn u! 

No offence. But accounting is irritating n annoying n full of theories! 
Gahhhh. Thank goodness I dun take acc as a degree! 
I salute acc degree students!! That includes u, Kylie chin! LOL. =))

But the feeling of getting the balance sheet balanced is so fulfilling! Sighh. Conflicts. >.<

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Its dad's bd today! =))
There will be a crab party at home tonite for dad n his good ol' golf kakis! 
Sighh wish i was there!! T.T But no I am here~ >.<
N n n mum ordered an icing cake that is made into a golf course for dad on our behalves~ =))
Icing cake is making me drool!! @.@ But but but~ 
Really hope dad will hv a really good time today~~ =)
N hope he gets our prezzie in time! Which i doubt! >.< 

Happpieee Burfdayyy Dad!!

dad looks so cute~ =)
He's turning old tho~ 
But he is still building up his muscles~ lol.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Accounting is irritating.
Everything tat happened today is annoying. 
I am moodless. Restless n Exhausted for no reason. 
N i just stayed up till 2 am w/o absorbing any knowledge.

I feel bad. =(

oh n August Rush is a good movie. T.T

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Its st paddy's! =)

Yup yup today's apparently st. paddy's day~ =)
Wadeva it means~
According to Jon, this nite is when everybody gets drunk n all in clubs~ =)
Sounds damn good yea? 
Too bad I dun hv drinking buddies here~ 
So yeaa. I am stuck at home. With stacks of notes n assignments accompanying me. T.T

So so so how's life treating all of u so far? =)
Life's treating me okay so far~ Quite good I should say~ 
I am starting to enjoy the life here~ At least i am not out there loitering around but at home mugging cooking n washing dishes! Tat's good news for mummy yea? =)

Ummm. I'll talk abt more of my new companies here later on~ 
After i get the courage to take pictures with them! 
Lol. =)

I am looking forward to this friday eilene tan!!
Glen n ballarat~~ I am coming!! =)) Ngek ngek ngek! ^^
But b4 tat, I'll hv to be studying really hard n working on my assignments everyday coz there will be test n due dates for week 4, which is next week! OMG! Time is passing so so so fast! =)
So deariee~ u better make sure i am studying! =) Lalalala!~

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thank kew.

Just as I was deciding whether to go and meet some new msian frens today in the MSA's BBQ~
Just as I was struggling to fall asleep thinking abt it~ 
Just as I woke up this morning~
Just as well it rained. =)

Thank God~ 
I will probably regret~
But I guess my dilemmas can only be answered this way. >.< 
Oh, there's another way~ One, two, Jus! =) 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One month anni. =)

One month down. =)
8 months to go.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Short note.

Yer yer yer. I dunno wad to write. 
Nth much to talk abt my life recently actually. 
Hang out. Mugging. Studying. Eating. Thinking. Missing. Chatting. facebooking.
Hmmm wad else do i do? 
oh yea, n slacking. >.<
But I m really happie with the fact that Eilene Tan comes down during the weekends, or maybe I'll travel up! =) hahaha. 

There was a mild earthquake here in Melbourne on friday! 
Thank goodness I din feel it! Tambah lagi i was out when the earthquake alert was up! 
Phewww Tat was so super close! >.< 
May Melbourne be a piece. Please dun tear apart. T.T

If u ask me how I hv been coping, 
I wud tell u wad eilene just told me~ 
I am tired n lazy of complaining n ranting abt the life here~
It wudnt do any good anyways~ 
So yea. Since classes hv officially commenced, *thank god*
I am keeping myself busy by studying *yes studying*, working on tut works n watching some really old dvd shows! 
This is the recent show I am hooked up to that has made me spend one whole day on accounting n I am still not done with it YET! Gahh. 
But this is a good show! =) Damn funny! Lalalala. 


Friday, March 6, 2009

No no.

I dont feel good today. 
Old town kopitiam back home with the right company will heal me.
Anybody up for it? T.T

if only dad owns a jet plane. >.<