Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just tot I'd make a note

Saw a pigeon outside uni today.
It was sitting by the side of another dying pigeon who was already lying on the floor.
That pigeon looked as if it was protecting the dying bird. :'(
People walk passed and looked, and hack, it attracted a crowd, and cameras!

Nathar said he would lie next to my tombstone when I die.
So I am just keeping a record of this. :)
Then he went on to say: "Tombstone is too expensive, can you be cremated instead? Then I will spread ur ashes around our beautiful garden, then I'll feel your presence when I am sitting in the garden."

So sweet right. I knowww.

Then he continued, "after you die, I will torture all the spoilt dogs that you've protected."

*Speechless* I'll die with my dogs Nathar. :)


1 comment:

racont3ur said...

AHAHHAHAH! he shld keep them in the jar instead and look at it everyday!