Sunday, October 17, 2010


Omgg I havent blogged for 2 months! WOW.
I've clearly been busy changing the world lately =)
N when I blog in the midst of a busy period, u know sth is bothering me.

Well, fortunately this time it doesnt work this way.
Just wanna update this blog and share the good stuff :)

Got the Golden Key Award!
Sth that my 1st year buddies and I were working hard to achieve!
I checked my mailbox everyday to the extent that my sis tot I was waiting for a letter from my lover.

Jean and I got a conditional offer to work for Securities Commission Malaysia upon graduation!
Its my first ever job interview and I got the job! =)
Double triple happiness! ^-^

Weeeee! N also that that somebody,
Why do you always spoil me? :)

Its that time of the sem again! Matilah ku.


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Anonymous said...

FINALLY!!! AN UPDATE!!! hehehehe. Glad to hear you're filling your time well. Im rotting. I dont know what im doing. zzz. MUNDANE LIFE!! I NEED SOME SPICE!!!